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Five Reasons You Want to Exfoliate

We talk a lot about wanting our skin to look bright and youthful, and about the various ways our aesthetic goals can be achieved. Because there are so many products and professional treatments available to tighten, brighten, and smooth the skin, it’s very easy to forget the value of the basics. Here, we’d like to […]

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Rezenerate Wand

Technology and skin care come together with Rezenerate

Effective skin treatments don’t have to be invasive or painful once you learn about the Rezenerate Wand, a handheld skin-conditioning tool. The Rezenerate Wand uses nano-technology in the form of cartridges capped with a silicon chip to treat multiple cosmetic skin issues, including: Fine lines Wrinkles Blemishes Sunspots Oily skin Dry skin Fast results with […]

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Cosmetic Procedures

Study confirms: aesthetic treatments play a bigger role

One of the largest research projects ever undertaken in medical aesthetics provided a lot of interesting insights into why women seek out appearance-enhancing procedures, like Botox. For example, women who haven’t had aesthetic enhancements, such as injectable fillers, but are open to the idea of having procedures in the future, would do so not only to […]

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Lift your skin without going under the knife

There’s nothing more rewarding than meeting with a patient who is concerned about the appearance of her skin and being able to provide a solution. In many cases, the procedures we recommend can offer results that we’re traditionally only available through plastic surgery. Not surprisingly, many people simply aren’t ready or willing to have surgery […]

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