Melanoma Skin Cancer San Antonio

What causes melanoma skin cancer in San Antonio?

Any form of cancer should be taken seriously. However, some cancers are more aggressive than others are, meaning that they spread through the body more quickly. That is exactly why melanoma is the most feared form or skin cancer, even though it isn’t the most common.How melanoma forms

Like other skin cancers, melanoma is the result of damaged DNA. This causes mutated skin cells, which multiply at an alarming rate, forming a tumor. It begins in basal layer of the skin, affecting pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. The tumor often resembles a harmless mole, which grows or changes rapidly. If not treated early, it can spread to other areas of the body, including vital organs.

Risk factors

You are at risk of developing melanoma. The simple fact is that no one is immune, so skin self-checks, and annual cancer screenings could save your life. However, certain factors can increase or decrease the likelihood of developing skin cancer. UV exposure is the number one avoidable risk factor; sun protection and avoidance of tanning salons are the keys to prevention.

Some risk factors are not avoidable. High-risk individuals are advised to be especially aware of their skin, and usually to have cancer screenings more frequently.

  • Skin type – Fair skinned people are at greater risk.
  • Moles – The more moles that are on your body, the higher the risk of melanoma.
  • Family history – Relatives with melanoma indicate a possible genetic predisposition.
  • Personal history – If you have been treated for skin cancer in the past, there is a chance of it recurring or new tumors developing.
  • Past sun exposure – All too often, adolescents and young adults throw caution to the wind, including sun protection. If you exposed your skin to harmful UV rays in the past, your risk of skin cancers in elevated. Taking proper precautions now can help you avoid increasing your risk even more.

Melanoma is known as one of the deadliest skin cancers, and rightfully so. A heartbreaking number of individuals have lost their lives to this disease. However, the medical community is working to change those statistics, battling cancer with science, dedication, and passion. Prevention, detection, and treatment techniques are improving – and saving lives – every day. As a stage 4 melanoma survivor, Dr. Vivian Bucay has a unique understanding of the emotional and physical toll it takes. She also knows, from personal experience, that this battle can be won.

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, or you have a suspicious spot on your skin, don’t take chances. Call 210-692-3000 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Bucay today.

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