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The Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, was legendary for many reasons, one of which was her flawless complexion. Way back in 30 BC she knew the secret of beautiful skin – chemical peels. She luxuriated in milk baths containing lactic acid. Today’s chemical peels still utilize that compound, as well as glycolic acid (a sugar cane derivative), salicylic acid from willow tree bark, and many other natural formulations.

What Is A Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels are used to remove damaged outer layers of skin to make skin smoother, reduce scarring and remove blemishes. There are different levels of peels from mild to strong in order to treat different conditions which will be tailored to each individual.

Regardless of the formulation, the goal of a chemical peel is the elimination of dead skin cells and accelerated production of fresh, new ones.

What Can Chemical Peels Do For Your Skin?

Peels are a comfortable, non-invasive, non-surgical means to improve the appearance of:

  • Acne and acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Melasma (hyperpigmentation)
  • Age spots
  • Tone and texture imperfections
  • On the face, neck, and chest.

Are Chemical Peels Safe?

You’ll find peels advertised at salons and day spas. However, your appearance is so important to your overall well-being. When you entrust your care to a qualified cosmetic dermatologist you may be assured that you are getting the right product and treatment for your skin type, in a soothing, professional, private atmosphere. Dr. Bucay has the training, skill, and in-depth knowledge of the product formulations to recommend the most beneficial skin rejuvenation peel for your situation.

SkinMedica Peels

Here at Bucay Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics, we offer three SkinMedica peel products. If you are a rewards member, you will receive Alle Points with the purchase of SkinMedica treatments.


SkinMedica Illuminize Peel

SkinMedica’s Illuminize Peel is an appropriate choice for treating mild skin imperfections. The goal of this peel is to brighten the skin and create a more uniform tone and complexion.

SkinMedica Rejuvenize Peel

SkinMedica’s Rejuvenize Peel is an appropriate choice for moderate-t0-severe skin imperfections. This peel is ideal for treating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

SkinMedica Vitalize Peel

SkinMedica’s Vitalize Peel is appropriate for treating mild skin imperfections. The peel provides smooth, even-toned, and radiant skin with little-to-no downtime. It is also effective in treating wrinkles and fine lines.

Glyderm Peels

Glyderm chemical peels are gentle enough to be effective treatments for most skin types and skin colors. These peels are most often used to treat mild-to-moderate signs of aging in the face, such as fine lines and wrinkles. They are also appropriate for treating mild skin imperfections such as acne scars and scarring. Glyderm peels may be used on the face, back, hands, neck, and collar area. The peels can either be professionally or self-administered. Be sure to ask Dr. Bucay if this treatment is right for you.

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Chemical Peel Recovery Time

A light peel is a pampering treatment with no downtime. You may return to normal activities right away, wearing good quality make-up. Others won’t know you’ve had a dermatological procedure done, but be prepared – they may comment that you look radiant. Results continue to develop for several weeks. You’ll enjoy it so much you may want to schedule treatment once a month. After a stronger peel, you may experience some redness and flaking for up to a week, revealing a revived complexion with results that are long-lasting.

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Because the health and appearance of your skin is critical to you, it is also vitally important to us. Dr. Bucay has years of experience in administering chemical peels, and has personally trained her staff in performing these peels. You can feel comfortable and confident that you are in the best hands for your skin rejuvenation treatment.

Are you ready for fresher, more youthful skin with smooth tone and texture? Contact Dr. Bucay at 210.692.3000 or  210.370.9995 to learn more about chemical peels.

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