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At Bucay Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics we love to hear feedback from our patients. We appreciate the time that it takes for our patients to share their positive experience because results matter for everyone. Below you will find some of our most notable patient testimonials, please feel free to read through these. We hope this feedback can provide you with more insight on what our practice is all about, and the results we are able to achieve for our services.

Results Matter

What Our Patients Say….

CoolSculpting appealed to me from the beginning when my physician, who has become a trusted resource for health and appearance, introduced the process in the introductory phase of the technology. “It’s like lipo for the perfectionist,” she said, the treatment doesn’t call for the cost or downtime of traditional liposuction.”

I am a 59-year-old executive in the non-profit industry required to run a business dependent on frequent interaction with high-dollar philanthropists and foundations. My appearance need not be perfect, but it must certainly be polished. It also requires my attention beyond a 50-hour work week. This means eating on the run and limited access to the gym. Plus, I love cookies.

My first treatment was directly with Dr. Bucay and subsequent treatments with Melissa Valdez. She is wonderful. I asked Dr. Bucay about areas where I felt exercise and strength training would have little effect. As usual, she was very explicit about what to expect in terms of the procedure and the expected results. I began with my back below the bra strap, moved to the chin area, and recently tried the love handles. What a difference! A 25% fat reduction in a small area certainly feels like more.

During the procedure, I felt about 3 minutes of cold, and that was it. I actually napped the second time I did it, and YES, I have had a procedure done at lunch and returned to work. Now that Vivian has two machines, I did 4 areas in about 1 hour 15 minutes. Post-procedure can feel a little bit achy, but nothing a couple of Tylenol could not manage.

A secondary benefit to me is that boost in confidence that makes me walk a little taller. Dr. Bucay has long adhered to the mind-body connection, and this is certainly true for me. I make public presentations all the time and how I feel about my appearance has a significant impact on this aspect of my work. While I will never be slim, my shape is more youthful than most women my age, and when combined with dermatology treatments, people are often surprised when they learn my age.

I am truly thrilled for the chance to provide a 10-star rating to my doctor and her beautifully trained staff. I have every intention of continuing CoolSculpting as a regular part of my regimen.

- Gloria Z. Canseco

La Casita

Hardy Oak

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“Very comfortable environment, all staff very were very professional, and Dr. Bucay was a delight. She is an artist with the skills and compassion that focus specifically on the clients needs. Dr. Bucay is amazing.”

–Jorie K.


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