Treatments for Expectant and Nursing Moms

Expectant and nursing mothers are often reluctant to seek treatment for a number of skin conditions out of concern for the fetus or newborn child, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Several common skin conditions, such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, warts, and skin infections, can be treated with the help of Dr. Vivian Bucay.

Dr. Bucay is a board-certified dermatologist that specializes in helping expectant or nursing mothers find safe treatment options for a number of common skin conditions or problems. Whether the skin condition is a result of a current pregnancy, breastfeeding or is something that you have suffered from for a number of years, Dr. Bucay can help you find relief.

What Treatment Options Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy?

A general rule of thumb for expectant mothers is to avoid taking any unnecessary medications while pregnant. Even if a medication is considered low risk, it is best to avoid it if possible, during a pregnancy.

If a skin condition must be treated with medication, there are several types of medications that are considered to be generally safe. Dr. Bucay can help expectant mothers determine what medications are safe to take during a pregnancy.

Can an Expectant Mother Undergo Cosmetic Treatments?

Cosmetic treatments, such as Botox and chemical peels, should be avoided during pregnancy. Even though these treatments and procedures are considered low risk, expectant mothers should still try to avoid them in an effort to keep the fetus healthy.

If a cosmetic treatment is desired, Dr. Bucay can discuss it during an office visit. There may be other, safer alternatives that can achieve the same results or help treat certain skin conditions.

What Skin Conditions can be Treated During Pregnancy and While Breastfeeding?

Most skin conditions have some type of treatment option that can be treated during pregnancy and while you are breastfeeding. Conditions such as acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, bacterial and viral infections, and warts can be successfully treated during pregnancy and while you are nursing.

Dr. Bucay can help you find a successful treatment plan that addresses your skin conditions and helps you find relief. Successful treatment plans for expectant and nursing mothers can include the use of prescription medication, topical creams, and UVB phototherapy.

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