Bucay Spotlight

We’ve created the Bucay Spotlight to let you know what’s trending in our office, whether it’s our products or our staff!

Dr. Bucay is offering miraDry just in time for summer!

Tired of wearing antiperspirant and deodorant? Tired of worrying about underarm odor sweat and odor? Tired of staining your clothes? Then miraDry is the answer for you!

Watch miraDry ambassador Antonio Sabato, Jr receive the procedure that is now available in our office.

About miraDry

  • Non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment that immediately and permanently reduces underarm sweat and odor with little to no downtime
  • Over 80,000 patients treated worldwide
  • Highest patient satisfaction “Worth It” rating on RealSelf—a staggering 92%!

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Miradry San Antonio

Listen to Dr. Bucay discussing DefenAge in an interview with Aesthetic Insider!

Defenage was named one of New Beauty’s Best Beauty Buys!

Defenage Skincare

Named “one of the biggest breakthroughs in skin care” in 2016, DefenAge’s exclusive ingredient, Age-Repair Defensins®, works via a natural mechanism of action. Clinical studies prove that this revolutionary anti-aging skin care system addresses up to 16 signs of aging in just 6 weeks. The initial results become visible within the first week of treatment. The technology is patent-pending and can be combined with almost any skin care regimen. Comprehensive multi-center, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical studies have been performed by Dr. Amy Forman Taub (PI), Dr. Vivian Bucay and Dr. Gregory Keller.

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