Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis San Antonio, TXEven the healthiest skin is not immune to the hazards of daily living. Hormones, stress, the foods we eat, and many, many more factors affect how our skin ages. When we realize just how many threats our skin faces every day, we can do something about it. To sustain smooth texture and a transcendent glow, people in the San Antonio area can turn to Laser Genesis treatments in one of Dr. Bucay’s comfortable offices.

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a cosmetic device that is commonly used to refresh the skin from the inside out. This device is unlike other lasers, which target the epidermis with ablative energy. Instead, Laser Genesis permeates the uppermost layer of the skin to reach the cellular layer where collagen and elastin are made. By targeting this cellular layer, Laser Genesis paves the way for newly produced cells to be infused with collagen. You may know collagen as the healing protein, the substance that the body sends to cuts and scrapes. Collagen is also present in the matrix of the skin and is what keeps the skin brighter, firmer, and more resilient. With rebuilt collagen stores, the skin heals more quickly from acne and acne scarring, persistent redness due, broken capillaries, and the telltale signs of aging and sun damage.

Who Is a Candidate for Laser Genesis Treatment?

Laser Genesis energy is so controlled and gentle that people with all skin types and tones can safely undergo treatment. It is an excellent treatment for men and women who are interested in slowing down their aging process and correcting mild to moderate acne scarring, wrinkles, or pigment issues.

What Can Laser Genesis Treat?

This laser treatment has a positive effect on the cells that lie deep beneath the surface of the skin; the cells that will, over time, be pushed up to the surface as tissue regenerates. Because improvements occur in the “hidden” cellular layer of the skin, Laser Genesis can treat a wide range of concerns, including but not limited to:Laser Genesis San Antonio, TX

  • Acne
  • Acne scarring
  • Surgical or burn scars
  • Enlarged pores
  • Rosacea and persistent redness
  • Rough or uneven texture
  • Facial veins
  • Angiomas
  • Port Wine Stains
  • Age spots
  • Skin tags
  • Freckles

The Laser Genesis Treatment

Prior to beginning the laser treatment, the skin may be gently cleansed to remove oil and debris. Protective eyewear is applied, and hair is secured in a comfortable headband. Because Laser Genesis treatment is non-ablative and the handpiece does not come into direct contact with the skin, there is no gel or cream applied to the face.
During a treatment session, a small handpiece is held a few inches away from the skin. The handpiece is powered by the adjustable treatment platform, delivering controlled energy into the dermis to stimulate cellular regeneration and collagen remodeling. A small light directs the provider in treating the entire surface area in a uniform fashion. A complete session may take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Is Laser Genesis Painful?

Laser Genesis sends energy beyond the epidermis. Unlike other laser resurfacing techniques, this laser treatment does not directly affect the uppermost layer of skin. As energy is absorbed, a warming sensation occurs. Some patients describe this as sitting with their face pointed toward the sun. For most, this sensation remains relaxing throughout the entire treatment. Depending on skin sensitivity, warming may turn to tingling and may feel slightly intense. Patients do not typically describe this as painful.

How Soon After Treatment Will I See Results?

Laser Genesis San Antonio, TXThe way that Laser Genesis works is by stimulating accelerated cellular renewal in the dermis. Improvements in the epidermis become increasingly more visible as collagen fibers rebuild over time. At first, results are subtle and may revolve around a healthy new glow. As treatments are repeated, the tone, texture, and overall appearance of the skin noticeably change for the better.

How Many Treatments Are Needed to See Results?

Most patients start to see the true effects of collagen stimulation and cellular renewal after 4 treatment sessions. However, it can take several more treatments to correct severe problems like deep or discolored acne scars. During our consultation, we discuss the recommended number of treatments for your concerns. There are several factors that dictate how a person’s skin regenerates through laser treatments. We encourage patients to continue practicing excellent skin care at home, including daily sunscreen, to maximize the outcome of their Laser Genesis treatments.

Recovery After Laser Genesis Treatment

Laser Genesis is known as one of the best red-carpet kind of treatments. Side effects are generally mild and also relatively rare. Most patients are able to resume normal activities right away. Makeup can be applied immediately after treatment because there is no inflammation or irritation to speak of. Some patients experience minor redness that lingers for an hour or two. Tingling and a warm sensation may also last for a short time.

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