Tanning Salon Risks San Antonio TX | Skin Cancer

Who’s most likely to take their child to a tanning salon? The answer may surprise you

When most of us think about tanning salons, we think about older teens and college students, still believing that tan skin is attractive and ignoring the warnings about the damage that tanning of any kind, indoor and outdoor, causes. We might assume that this ill-conceived choice is being made by those old enough to make […]

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Technology and skin care come together with Rezenerate

Effective skin treatments don’t have to be invasive or painful once you learn about the Rezenerate Wand, a handheld skin-conditioning tool. The Rezenerate Wand uses nano-technology in the form of cartridges capped with a silicon chip to treat multiple cosmetic skin issues, including: Fine lines Wrinkles Blemishes Sunspots Oily skin Dry skin Fast results with […]

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Hair loss and (post pregnancy) women

You might think that the majority of my hair loss patients are men, and it’s true that many men suffer from hair loss and come to me for treatments. But women are not exempt from this stressful problem, especially as it relates to changes in hormone levels. Female hair loss A large percentage of the […]

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New study gives hope to certain psoriasis patients

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory condition that causes thick, red, scaly patches on the skin, and it’s caused by a malfunction of the autoimmune system. In addition to skin lesions, psoriasis can cause itching and even arthritis in about a third of patients. The disease affects about seven and a half million people in the […]

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Lytera 2.0 - Dr Bucay

Product Spotlight January 2017

New Product:  SkinMedica Lytera 2.0 Dr. Vivian Bucay at ODAC on Lytera 2.0! First society meeting post launch. Introducing the NEW, innovative Lytera® 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum! This re-envisioned, reformulated, rejuvenated advanced formula is clinically shown to reduce the appearance of even the most stubborn skin discoloration, regardless of skin type or tone.  Restorsea PRO- […]

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Have you had your shingles shot?

Shingles (herpes zoster) is a disease that occurs most commonly in the older population, causing a painful, red, blistery rash that typically presents on the face or side of the body. While the rash usually heals within two to four weeks, it can also cause long-term nerve damage and pain that can last for months […]

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