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Five Reasons You Want to Exfoliate

We talk a lot about wanting our skin to look bright and youthful, and about the various ways our aesthetic goals can be achieved. Because there are so many products and professional treatments available to tighten, brighten, and smooth the skin, it’s very easy to forget the value of the basics. Here, we’d like to […]

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Poison Ivy: Are you Staying Safe?

Poison ivy, along with its cousin’s poison oak and sumac, is a common plant that most people know they want to avoid. The rash, the blisters, and, oh! That itch! Need we say more? What we will say is that there are interesting details about poison ivy that may come as a surprise. If you’re […]

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Is the Summer Heat Killing your Feet?

Summertime should be a period of fun and family and friends. We envision ourselves sitting poolside, or dipping our toes in the warm waters of the Gulf. What nobody wants to think about is having to hide their feet on those hot summer days due to redness, peeling, and obvious irritation. The fact is, though, […]

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Men! You can Sculpt that Jawline!

A sculpted jaw line is the hallmark of a young man’s face. Are you envisioning the young Tom Cruise, or maybe modern-day David Beckham? Whomever it is that has the jawline you want doesn’t matter. What matters is that your jaw line is not what you used to have. We find that, more and more, […]

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Tanning Salon Risks San Antonio TX | Skin Cancer

Who’s most likely to take their child to a tanning salon? The answer may surprise you

When most of us think about tanning salons, we think about older teens and college students, still believing that tan skin is attractive and ignoring the warnings about the damage that tanning of any kind, indoor and outdoor, causes. We might assume that this ill-conceived choice is being made by those old enough to make […]

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