Dermal Fillers

Here’s Why We Have Dermal Filler Options

Injectables account for the vast majority of beauty treatments we perform in our San Antonio offices. This has been the case for well over a decade, ever since adults became familiar with the fabulous results they could achieve in a short office visit. Injectables are all intended to reduce the signs of aging, but they […]

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She's got some great moves

The New Ways to Contour Your Body

Body contours have always been a trend, albeit something that changes as often as every few years. Because of this, we have seen several different body types come into “fashion.” Regardless of whether a woman is drawn to having an hourglass figure or one that is relatively curve-less and waiflike, there is usually a desire […]

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Attractive young lady with beautiful full lips standing against brown background

What to do About a Sagging Face and Neck

While we may appreciate many of the changes that occur with age, some can be difficult to accept. Lines and creases and spots on the skin may be changes that we come to accept over time. Sagging skin? That’s another story. Sagging tissue coincides with a loss of contours in the midface. The cheeks flatten. […]

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Muscular young man isolated on white background.

Sculpt Your Body the Easy Way

Look, it’s no secret that having an “ideal body” is easier said than done. Many people devote hours a day to making their healthiest meals and reaching that perfect fat-burning heart rate during their exercise sessions, only to feel disappointed about reaching a plateau that does not show off how toned they are. Two of […]

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Beautiful woman tan legs. Against white wall.

Got Cellulite? We can Tone it Down!

One of the most common body-related cosmetic concerns, cellulite, is also one of the most difficult to eliminate. Women have tried for years to smooth cellulite by losing weight, toning muscles, rubbing on cellulite creams, even liposuction. Each of these strategies may make a dent in the severity of cellulite, but none have consistently achieved […]

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Woman's body in swimsuit at tropical nature in summer

What You Can Expect After CoolSculpting

Losing weight can get more challenging the closer you get to your goal. Many people have heard of those dreaded last 10 pounds. Eating right and exercising are great, and they also may not be quite enough to get the body you want. That’s why there’s CoolSculpting! Here, we discuss what CoolSculpting does and what […]

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