Laser Hair Removal San Antonio TX

Tis’ the Season for Hair Removal

As we move past the holiday season, we have a moment to breathe. The cosmetic concerns that were so pressing before festive, photo-filled gathering have most likely been attended to weeks ago. As we move toward the new year, we may start thinking more about how we want our body to look. Some will focus […]

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Ultherapy San Antonio TX

Three Ways to a Better Chin

There are several unique concerns that arise as we age. We hear a lot about under eye puffiness and dark circles, about frown lines and even jowls. We can correct these common problems, as well as much more, more easily than we have been for previous generations. The double chin, though, now that is a […]

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Acne Cure San Antonio, TX

How Microneedling Reduces Acne Scarring

Acne is a frustrating dermatologic condition that affects millions of teens and adults. Because the emotional and social effects of severe acne are well-known, there has been a sense of urgency in the medical field to find solutions that work quickly to soothe irritated skin before scarring occurs. This isn’t always possible, which can feel […]

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Ultherapy San Antonio, TX

Don’t You Just Love When This Happens?

Most of us have a knack for noticing just how gorgeous celebrities are. It doesn’t matter that 20 or more years have gone by since a celebrity first became famous; many of them simply don’t seem to age. This leads many of us to wonder what on earth these people are doing to maintain their […]

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Body Contouring San Antonio, TX

Slimming Down Just Got Easier

Summer may be behind us, but we still have a busy holiday season ahead, and that means you want to look and feel great in that little black dress. More men and women are discovering how easy fat reduction can be when they get the help they need from a trusted physician. Dr. Bucay is […]

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Managing Alopecia Areata with Healthy Habits

Any form of hair loss can be distressing. Alopecia areata is that and more because hair loss may occur long before it may feel “socially acceptable.” And when hair loss affects a woman, there is no level of acceptability to be attained. Alopecia areata occurs when systemic inflammation temporarily incapacitates hair follicles. The immune system […]

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Facial Rejuvenation treatments TX

Five Reasons You Want to Exfoliate

We talk a lot about wanting our skin to look bright and youthful, and about the various ways our aesthetic goals can be achieved. Because there are so many products and professional treatments available to tighten, brighten, and smooth the skin, it’s very easy to forget the value of the basics. Here, we’d like to […]

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