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Lose Unwanted Fat with More Ease

Let’s face it; losing unwanted fat can be incredibly difficult. Many adults struggle with this goal not because they lack self-discipline but because the body often holds on to extra fat cells like they are an absolute necessity. They’re not, and they can be banished for good. At our San Antonio locations, we offer a […]

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Is Botox Still All That?

When Botox made its debut nearly twenty years ago, the FDA-approved drug was met with a mixture of excitement, fascination, and skepticism. Some of the first Botox treatments resulted in unwanted cosmetic side effects. The point of getting injections in the face was to smooth wrinkles, not lose all visible signs of emotion. People wanted […]

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How Often Should I Get Microneedling?

You deserve to feel confident in your appearance all the time. While there are some things that skin treatments cannot achieve, most offer significant value. Microneedling, for instance, is a simple, convenient treatment that works in concert with skin cells to repair, regenerate, and revive the skin at any age. Here, we discuss how often […]

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Why You Might Want to Try PRP Hair Restoration

We tend to associate our hair with personality and youthfulness without ever giving it a real thought. For some, thoughts about hair and how it affects appearance don’t occur until they notice changes they don’t really like. A bad haircut is something we can overcome naturally. Hair loss, however, is another story altogether. In our […]

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Most superheroes wear a cape.

💜May 10, 2021💜 Most superheroes wear a cape. Our superhero wears heels and DIOR! Fifteen years ago today, Dr. Bucay received a call from the pathologist; her biopsy revealed she had advanced melanoma. During this extraordinarily challenging time, Dr. Bucay never complained, said, why me, or it’s not fair. Ever! She would be admitted to […]

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