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Best Body Contouring Treatments Found Here!

We’ve learned the hard way that body shaping requires more than your average healthy lifestyle. We meet with many people who are tired of the struggle without the reward. Don’t get us wrong, there are numerous benefits that come from eating healthy foods and moving the body every day. Perfect body contours just don’t happen […]

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When it Comes to Beauty, Consistency is Key

Beautiful skin is not a given. Many people struggle with dermatologic concerns like persistent acne. At some point, nearly every person deals with the signs of aging and sun damage. The question is not if but when this will happen. The second question is when should we start addressing the effects of aging on our […]

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Skin Tightening: Good, Better, Best

Smooth, radiant, firm. These are qualities that we’d like to see in our skin when we look in the mirror. Unfortunately, they get more and more difficult to maintain as we age. While aging is inevitable, we at least now know the factors that contribute to skin laxity and loss of volume. Because we know, […]

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Maximizing Body Contouring after EMSculpt

It doesn’t matter that we’re nearing the end of summer. Body contouring remains an important topic on lots of lips this time of year. Often, it’s with some lamenting that one wishes they had started getting ready for summer sooner. Sometimes, it’s with an eye for the holiday season. Now that we’re out and about […]

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A Changing Mole: What Does it Mean?

Skin cancer is one of the leading types of cancer diagnoses made today. Education regarding this prevalent disease is necessary for several reasons. First, because there are three different types of skin cells that can mutate into skin cancer. These include the basal cells, the squamous cells, and the melanocytes. Basal cell carcinoma and squamous […]

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Lose Unwanted Fat with More Ease

Let’s face it; losing unwanted fat can be incredibly difficult. Many adults struggle with this goal not because they lack self-discipline but because the body often holds on to extra fat cells like they are an absolute necessity. They’re not, and they can be banished for good. At our San Antonio locations, we offer a […]

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Is Botox Still All That?

When Botox made its debut nearly twenty years ago, the FDA-approved drug was met with a mixture of excitement, fascination, and skepticism. Some of the first Botox treatments resulted in unwanted cosmetic side effects. The point of getting injections in the face was to smooth wrinkles, not lose all visible signs of emotion. People wanted […]

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How Often Should I Get Microneedling?

You deserve to feel confident in your appearance all the time. While there are some things that skin treatments cannot achieve, most offer significant value. Microneedling, for instance, is a simple, convenient treatment that works in concert with skin cells to repair, regenerate, and revive the skin at any age. Here, we discuss how often […]

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