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3 Reasons To Try KYBELLA® for Submental Fat

Submental fat is excess fat and fullness underneath the chin, which can cause self-consciousness and insecurity. With KYBELLA® treatment from Dr. Vivian Bucay, you can reduce submental fat and increase your confidence. KYBELLA® is FDA-approved to break down submental fat when injected below the chin in just a few treatments. Dr. Bucay is an expert injector …

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At What Age Does Acne Go Away?

Acne, a condition caused by clogged pores, is fairly common in teenagers but can be experienced by anyone regardless of age. Because of its association with those going through puberty, you may wonder, if you suffer from acne in adulthood, when your acne will go away. Though it is possible to ‘outgrow’ acne; unfortunately, acne …

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Another Consequence Of Climate Change: Skin Cancer

As experts point to climate change as the source of the globe-spanning inclement weather, a more personal side-effect of climate change could be higher incidences of skin cancer. In the United States alone, the data shows that, since the 1970s, malignant melanoma rates have increased by 4% each year. Though your personal choices may be unable to affect the magnitude of …

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Does Mud Actually Help With Skin?

You may have seen it done at high-end spas, touted by celebrities, and seen it being done by your favorite Ogre. But does mud treatment actually help with skin? Can it be introduced into your daily skincare routine? Will it make your skin green? If you’re wondering about the efficacy of mud when it comes to …

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What To Do About Athlete’s Foot?

If an itchy, scaly rash has developed in between your toes, you may have athlete’s foot. ‘But I’m not an athlete!’ you may protest, but that actually doesn’t matter! Athletes aren’t the only ones who get at   hlete’s foot, in fact, people who typically get athlete’s foot are those that wear tight-fitting shoes and who …

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A Message from Dr. Bucay: Champions for Change Gala

This year I am honored to join the committee for the Champions for Change Gala, taking place on May 10, 2023 at Ziegfield Ballroom in NYC.

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