Ultherapy San Antonio TX

Why Ultherapy Works So Well

Cosmetic aging can be a frustrating aspect of life. The people we meet in our La Casita and Sonterra offices generally want to manage their aging process a little better. They are not interested in a dramatic transformation via plastic surgery. Most often, our patients want non-surgical solutions that will work in concert with their […]

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Does Your Hair Need Help? Let’s Talk PRP!

Over the course of a lifetime, many men and probably more women than one would imagine encountering the issue of hair loss. Because male pattern baldness is such a common condition, many perceive it as relatively benign. Losing one’s hair or experiencing significant thinning is just a matter of age, right? Maybe. But there is […]

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New Year, New Goals: What are Yours?

In the new year, many of us cannot help but make new goals. Judging by the extraordinary increase in new gym memberships that occur this time of year, we could assume that there are thousands upon thousands of people who have a goal of getting into better shape. We often associate this with weight loss. […]

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