Avoid burns in the sweltering San Antonio sun

San Antonio residents tend to be sun-savvy, as we live in one of the warmest climates in the nation. However, myths about sun exposure and sunburn abound, even here. Scan the statements below and see if you can discern fact from fiction. “A suntan will protect you from sunburn” FICTION: Studies have shown that a […]

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CoolSculpting San Antonio, TX

How to Get the Most from CoolSculpting

Dr. Bucay is interested in helping patients of our San Antonio offices get the results they want from body-sculpting. Understanding that every person has unique needs, she has equipped our facilities with various modalities. One of the most common devices used to improve body contours, CoolSculpting, has been used in our offices more than 2,000 […]

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Ultherapy Treatment San Antonio TX

What Happens After Ultherapy Treatment?

Ultherapy has been in the spotlight recently after Christie Brinkley revealed that this tissue-tightening modality is one of only two treatments she relies on to maintain a youthful appearance. At age 63, Christie is an image of vitality to which many women (and men!) strive. Here, we want to discuss how Ultherapy is helping patients […]

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Restylane San Antonio, TX

Rejuvenating with Restylane

The way we talk about facial aging, there may be a perception that we’d like to do whatever we can to avoid it. Based on what we see in our San Antonio offices, we believe that men and women who are starting to see the signs of aging just want to gain a little control. […]

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Body Contouring San Antonio TX

Body Sculpting: Let’s Talk Options

With warmer weather on the horizon, many of us are looking at how we can feel great about how we look. To help the men and women of San Antonio, we have equipped our Sonterra and La Casita offices with some outstanding options for improving body contours. We understand that more choices can only add […]

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