Chemical Peels

Is it Time to Peel Away?

There are times in which we want to stand solidly in the present moment and take in everything we can. Other times make us want to peel away, to drift off to a better place or time as quickly as possible. Our skin behaves in just such a manner. Old skin cells whose time has […]

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Dermal Fillers

Here’s Why We Have Dermal Filler Options

Injectables account for the vast majority of beauty treatments we perform in our San Antonio offices. This has been the case for well over a decade, ever since adults became familiar with the fabulous results they could achieve in a short office visit. Injectables are all intended to reduce the signs of aging, but they […]

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She's got some great moves

The New Ways to Contour Your Body

Body contours have always been a trend, albeit something that changes as often as every few years. Because of this, we have seen several different body types come into “fashion.” Regardless of whether a woman is drawn to having an hourglass figure or one that is relatively curve-less and waiflike, there is usually a desire […]

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