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Looking your best plays into feeling your best, and you can accomplish this without surgery! Here at Bucay Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics, we offer a wide variety of proven anti-aging modalities. Some work with your body’s natural regenerative capacity, and some work against the signs of aging. Injectables are an example of the latter. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of options for patients of our San Antonio offices.

What Types of Injectables Do You Offer?

Our experienced team offers a myriad of injectable wrinkle-reducers and plumpers. Dr. Bucay has selected all of the proven neuromodulators to refresh the face and neck. These include:

Dermal fillers are the next most-popular injectable treatments. We correct volume loss and several signs of aging using the following product lines and products:

What Are the Benefits of Injectables?

Our patients come to us for injectable treatments primarily because they want to address signs of aging without such a drastic step as surgery. Injectables can soften wrinkles, uplift the brows and cheeks, plump the lips, and disguise the appearance of jowls and more. In many cases, they do so without downtime and with immediate results. The fact that injectable treatments achieve temporary results is not usually seen as a downside. Rather, it is seen as a benefit. Knowing that results are temporary, it can be easier to move forward with treatment. Being temporary, injectable procedures can also give a glance at the potential that surgery does have should you choose that at some point in the future.

Am I a Candidate for Injectables?

If you are a healthy adult with a clear vision regarding your desired outcome, you may be a great candidate for injectable treatment. During your consultation, it is important that you are candid about any medications or supplements that you take. Your provider may advise you to refrain from using certain medications. This is done to help you avoid side effects like exaggerated swelling or bruising.

What is the Injectable Process Like?

Getting injectables is much more exciting than it is stressful. This can be true even if you’re slightly nervous about getting injections! During your appointment, we want to hear about your goals and reasons for wanting to address certain aspects of your appearance. We want to hear your questions, too, because we know that it’s important that you feel very confident in your decision to undergo this treatment. After consulting with you and answering your questions, your provider can administer treatment during the same appointment.

The injectable process takes less than half an hour in most cases. Your provider may use a gentle cleansing wipe to remove debris and oil from your skin. They’ll then administer your injections using a very small needle. Because the needle is so small, you should have no difficulty tolerating your treatment without an anesthetic. Each injection may feel like a momentary pinching sensation that immediately goes away. If you receive dermal filler injections, your provider will show you your results as soon as they have completed your treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most injectable treatments achieve satisfying results with just one round of injections. The exceptions to the one-treatment rule are Sculptra and Kybella. These injectables aren’t designed to achieve immediate results, and they work in unique ways that often require two to three appointments to achieve the best outcome.

How Long Do Injectable Results Last?

The duration of your results from injectable treatment will relate to the type of product we use. For example, neuromodulators like BOTOX and Dysport last three to six months. On average, patients return for touch-ups about every four months. Dermal fillers typically last one to two years. This is based on the consistency of the product as well as the speed at which your body breaks down the particles that plump the skin. Sculptra, being a different kind of dermal filler that involves multiple treatment sessions, can last between two and five years. Kybella, the only injectable treatment that targets unwanted fat, permanently destroys unwanted cells. During your consultation, ask your provider what you can expect from the product that you’ve selected for your cosmetic goals.

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