Hand Dermatitis

Approximately 10% of the population suffers from a condition known as hand dermatitis or hand eczema. This condition can be uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing, but it is not life-threatening. Dr. Vivian Bucay specializes in helping individuals who have hand dermatitis find a treatment plan that reduces inflammation and pain.

What is Hand Dermatitis?

Hand dermatitis, or hand eczema as it is commonly called, is a skin condition that results in the development of small patches of red, scaly skin. These red scaly patches often occur on the tops of the hands or between the fingers.

What Causes Hand Dermatitis?

There are several external and internal factors that have been directly linked to hand dermatitis. Some internal factors associated with hand dermatitis include genetic make-up, previous health history, and gender.

External factors that cause hand dermatitis include allergens or coming into direct contact with a harsh chemical. Many individuals who work around harsh chemicals, like hairdressers, cleaners, and healthcare professionals are at risk of developing hand dermatitis.

How is Hand Dermatitis Diagnosed?

Dr. Vivian Bucay can diagnosis hand dermatitis with a brief physical exam. This physical exam involves taking a close look at the rash. Usually after a brief look at the rash, Dr. Bucay can identify if it is hand dermatitis.

In addition to a physical exam, Dr. Bucay may ask you some questions about your medial history, current occupation, and day-to-day activities. These questions are necessary to help her determine if the red, scaly rash is hand dermatitis or another skin condition.

Occasionally, Dr. Bucay may believe the skin irritation is not hand dermatitis and may be another skin condition. In this situation, she may take a skin scraping or a skin biopsy. That sample is sent to a lab to be analyzed. Once the analysis is complete, a diagnosis of hand dermatitis or another skin condition can be given to you.

What Treatment Options are Available for Hand Dermatitis?

Both over-the-counter treatments and prescription medications are available for people who suffer from hand dermatitis. Dr. Bucay will help you create a customized treatment plan that can help you reduce inflammation and pain. Customized treatment plans may include the use of over-the-counter creams/lotions, anti-inch creams, non-corticosteroid creams and topical corticosteroids gels/lotions.

Hand dermatitis can be a persistent, chronic condition that only gets worse over time. Dr. Bucay can help you receive a prompt diagnosis of hand dermatitis and create a treatment/prevention plan.