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Cellulite. There we said it. Ugh. The bane of the female anatomy. Just about every woman has some cellulite somewhere on their body — 93 percent of women have it. Despite the claims of late-night infomercials, nothing out there, no cream, no salve, no exercise regimen, has much of any effect on the dimpled appearance of cellulite on our legs, butt, and elsewhere.

But our office now has a promising solution. It’s called Emtone, and it’s the newest skin tightening treatment from BTL, the aesthetics company behind Vanquish, Emsculpt, and other skin tightening treatments. Emtone uses the simultaneous delivery of both thermal and mechanical energy down into your cellulite-ridden areas. And it smooths your cellulite. With a 90 percent patient satisfaction rate, this could be a game-changer for that stubborn universal enemy — cellulite.

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Dr. Bucay is the best! She provides you with honest opinions of what needs to be corrected. I also like that your appearance is documented with photographs each time you visit. Her staff is amazing.

What is Emtone?

Emtone is an FDA-cleared treatment intended to tighten the skin and provide temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite. Emtone does this by delivering a combination of radiofrequency energy and pressure through the system handpiece down into the skin. This raises the tissue temperature, reducing the appearance of cellulite and firming the skin. We provide these painless, in-office Emtone skin tightening treatments in our beautiful San Antonio offices. Afterward, you get right back to your normal activities. Then you watch as over the next few weeks your cellulite diminishes, and your skin tightens.


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How does Emtone work?

Emtone is a treatment specifically for treating cellulite and tightening the skin. It delivers a combination of monopolar radiofrequency energy and pressure wave therapy to the skin. This RF energy flows from the handpiece to the skin, warming the tissues to approximately 42 to 44 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, collagen undergoes structural changes, connective bands become less rigid, and fat chambers are downsized. This leads to improved skin firmness, improved skin texture, and, most importantly, smoothing of dimpled cellulite areas.

Why does Emtone work where other cellulite treatments don’t?

Cellulite isn’t just due to the connective collagen fibers that connect the skin to the muscle tissue below. This is the puckering effect that is behind cellulite, as these fibers pull down at their connections, and fat pockets push up between them.

But there’s more to it. Enlarged fat chambers add more outward pressure. Loss of skin elasticity decreases the skin’s outer resistance to the upward internal pressure of the trapped fat. And blood flow decreases with age. These all help to accentuate the appearance of cellulite, and they are exactly what is targeted by the combination of RF heat energy and acoustic wave pressure delivered by the Emtone handpiece.


What areas can be treated with Emtone skin tightening?

Common areas we treat are those affected by cellulite and skin laxity. These include the buttocks, posterior and front of the thighs, knees, upper arms, and the abdomen.

Who is a good candidate for Emtone skin tightening?

iStock 1053133208 3 200x300 2 Since cellulite is the bane of both young and old, these skin tightening treatments are for just about everyone. Emtone improves skin laxity, which typically begins to accelerate after a person passes the age of 35. Younger patients who still have excellent skin elasticity will see results more quickly with Emtone, and their results may be more dramatic. Patients with more laxity and poor skin texture will have more modest results, and they may require more skin tightening treatments to achieve their goals.

What are the benefits of Emtone skin tightening?

Since virtually every woman has some areas with the dimpled appearance of cellulite, the obvious benefits delivered by Emtone could make every woman jump for joy — the reduction in the appearance of cellulite and tightening of the skin. These skin tightening treatments have been cleared by the FDA for skin tightening and the temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. They are painless. They don’t require a minute of recovery. These are great skin tightening treatments with great results for our patients. Dr. Bucay is thrilled to add Emtone to her practice.

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How is an Emtone procedure done and what does it feel like?

Emtone is a well-tolerated procedure. It doesn’t require even topical numbing cream, and skin tightening treatment of a single area takes just 12-15 minutes. When our aesthetician moves the Emtone handpiece across your treatment areas it feels like a hot stone massage. The handpiece glides effortlessly because we first apply a special lotion that moisturizes and is conducive for the RF energy. The handpiece is moved in a continual, circular pattern that covers the entire skin tightening treatment area while keeping the patient ultimately comfortable. The Emtone system continually monitors the patient’s skin temperatures for extra safety.

Is there recovery after an Emtone cellulite treatment?

Nope. Your skin feels warm to the touch and maybe slightly pink for several minutes following your Emtone session, but that passes quickly. You can get right back to your normal activities immediately.

How many Emtone cellulite treatments will I need?

iStock 1171696133 200x300 2 You’ll notice the improvements in your cellulite and skin laxity after a single skin tightening treatment. But the collagen changes eventually diminish, so your improvements are not permanent. Occasional maintenance skin tightening treatments, however, continue the effects. We advise our San Antonio patients that they should consider future Emtone treatments once every 3 to 12 months as maintenance. As with most procedures, there is some variability between the patient.

Are there risks involved with Emtone?

Any side effects with Emtone are quite rare. Generally, patients only have some mild redness on the skin tightening treatment areas, but these pass quickly. These are completely non-invasive procedures, and radiofrequency energy is well tolerated by the human body.

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