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Dr. Vivian Bucay introduces a safe and non-surgical butt lift with innovative technology, BTL’s EMSCULPT! Bucay Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics is currently the only facility in the San Antonio area which offers EMSCULPT.

Emsculpt | Dr. Vivian Bucay


Bucay Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics announces the introduction of EMSCULPT – the first and only non-invasive buttock lift procedure, with no injections necessary! Utilizing HIFEM* technology to induce powerful muscle contractions, EMSCULPT is FDA cleared to strengthen, tone, and firm the buttocks. This provides a safe and completely non-invasive alternative to popular, yet controversial, surgical and injectable procedures.

EMSCULPT® brings an entirely new energy to the category, as well as offers a long-awaited alternative to more invasive procedures as interest in butt augmentation continues to rise.

*High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic

How Does EMSCULPT Body Contouring Work?

Delivering almost 20,000 muscular contractions per 30 minute-session, EMSCULPT increases the strength and tone of the gluteal region.  This is used to help even athletic and fit patients take their buttocks to the next level. The unique application of the HIFEM technology penetrates through the skin to impact the muscle tissue. Once penetrated, the energy induces supramaximal muscle contractions that are not achievable by the human brain. The process results in toning, firming and strengthening of the buttocks.

EMSCULPT Treatment Areas

Emsculpt, as mentioned above, is a non-surgical alternative to the controversial and popular butt lift. However, EMSCULPT does not only focus on that one area. Another popular treatment spot is the abdominal region. The technology of EMSCULPT is used to tighten and strengthen core abdominal muscles for a more tone and firm abdomen. This treatment is perfect for anyone who is trying to achieve their goals of tighter and toner abs and glutes!

Results After EMSCULPT Treatment

In clinical evaluations measuring the efficacy of HIFEM therapy for non-invasive buttock augmentation and lifting, patient satisfaction levels averaged high, independent of weight loss. Ninety-five percent of participants reported satisfaction with treatment results and 85% reported significant improvement in lift and muscular tone of the buttocks.

EMSCULPT Before and After Treatments

Emsculpt Before and After
EmSculpt San Antonio TX

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EMSCULPT Non-Surgical Buttocks Lift

How Many EMSCULPT Treatments Will I Need?

For optimal results, Dr.Bucay recommends four 30-minute treatment sessions over the course of a two-week period. Best results will be seen after 3-months with continued improvement over 6-month time period.

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We are proud to offer BTL 25 years of innovation at Bucay Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics; EXILIS Ultra, Vanquish, Cellutone, and now EMSCULPT!. For more information on BTL EMSCULPT, call and schedule your courtesy consultation with BTL specialist, Melissa Valdez AT (210) 692-3000. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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