Athlete’s Foot

Has a small, itchy, scaly rash developed between your toes or on your foot? If so, it may be caused not by an allergic reaction to something, but from athlete’s foot. Dr. Vivian Bucay specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mind to severe cases of athlete’s foot.

What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is a skin condition that is caused by a fungal infection. The infection usually develops as a result of sweat accumulating in closed, confined area such as tight-fitting shoes.

Athlete’s foot develops between the toes, but it can spread anywhere on the foot. There have been some cases of athlete’s foot that have spread to the soles of the feet and top of the foot.

While athlete’s foot is most commonly caused by sweat accumulation, it can also be caused by coming into contact with a contaminated surface. Just walking or touching contaminated bed sheets, rugs, or floors can cause an individual to get athlete’s foot.

What are the Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot?

An itchy, scaly rash that appears inflamed and red is the most common symptom of athlete’s foot. It is often found between the toes, but can occur anywhere on the foot. Itching often occurs right after a person takes off his or her shoes and socks.

Some cases of athlete’s foot will develop small blisters or ulcers. The blisters and ulcers can appear spread anywhere from between the toes to the soles/side of the feet.

Is Athlete’s Foot Contagious?

Yes, athlete’s foot is extremely contagious. It can spread to other parts of the body, such as the hands and face, if you were to touch the infected foot and then touch another part of the body.

Athlete’s foot can also spread to other individuals. This is usually done when an individual shares infected shoes or socks with someone else.

How is Athlete’s Foot Diagnosed?

Athlete’s foot can be diagnosed with a single office visit with Dr. Vivian Bucay. During the office visit, she will conduct a visual inspection of the infected area. This is usually enough to give a diagnosis of athlete’s foot.

In some cases, further testing may need to be done to eliminate the possibility of other, more serious conditions. If further testing needs to be done, Dr. Bucay will both take skin scrapings or a small sample of the skin and send it off to the lab for analysis.

What Treatments are Available for Athlete’s Foot?

Dr. Vivian Bucay and her staff can help you find a treatment that will successfully cure your athlete’s foot. The type of treatment that we recommend will vary depending upon the severity of  your athlete’s foot.

Mild cases of athlete’s foot may be treated with over-the-counter ointment and gels. Severe cases of athlete’s foot that either doesn’t respond to over-the-counter treatment or that keeps returning may need prescription strength medication. Dr. Vivian Bucay may prescribe prescription strength ointment or antifungal pills.

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