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Restylane San Antonio, TX

Rejuvenating with Restylane

The way we talk about facial aging, there may be a perception that we’d like to do whatever we can to avoid it. Based on what we see in our San Antonio offices, we believe that men and women who are starting to see the signs of aging just want to gain a little control. […]

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Your Skin Is Precious – Take Care of It!

If you’ve ever seen an advertisement for skincare products, you have probably thought that it is impossible to get that kind of perfect skin without photoshop. But if you find the right products and take diligent care of your skin, it is possible! There are also new technologies that help your skin become clear, smooth, […]

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Questions about Dermal Fillers

The first question anyone has when the subject of dermal fillers comes up is: What are they? Dermal fillers are substances such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and synthetic materials that are injected into the face, just below the surface of the skin. They “fill” lines, scars, and wrinkles; and puff up the lips, cheeks, and […]

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