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Botox Has Benefits You May Not Have Known

Botox, the first of a sea of injectable anti-aging products, is widely known today. The drug gained FDA-approval for cosmetic purposes more than a decade ago. Since that time, the initial use has expanded to include several others. Today, we turn to Botox when we want to smooth frown lines and crow’s feet and even […]

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Botox? Never heard of it? No way!

If for some reason you’re not one of the 6.7 million people in the U.S. who had a Botox procedure in 2014, you probably have your reasons. I’ve never used Botox because: I’m not ready for, or interested in, smoothing wrinkles and lines on my face. I’m not sure about this idea of injecting a […]

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Botox: The Results Are Unbelievable

Botox Botox has grown in worldwide popularity within no time at all, but just in case you still haven’t heard about it, we are here to tell you what it is and how it can benefit you. Yes—you! Botox is an FDA-approved medication, which is injected into the body and relaxes, stiffens, and smooths muscles […]

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What Does a Cosmetic Dermatologist Do?

Cosmetic dermatologists can be trained in several different areas of cosmetic surgery. Leaders in the industry, cosmetic surgeons take care of many different dermatological issues. Training to become one of these doctors consists of medical and surgical training before three years of dermatology. In the United States, cosmetic dermatology is one of the most competitive […]

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