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The Surprising Difference Between Dermatologists and Estheticians

Dermatologists and estheticians are two types of skin care professionals who are often confused for one another. Both professions are based on the study and application of cosmetics and skincare products, but that’s where the similarities end. Dermatologists are medical doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating skin diseases and conditions. They specialize in the […]

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Oh, That Wintertime Itch!

Have you ever noticed that your skin seems to itch more in the wintertime? Itching is just one of many symptoms that occur when the air is dry and hot water feels like a warm hug. In addition to this frustrating problem, the incredibly dry air outside and in our offices and homes causes chapped […]

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Melasma Doesn’t Have to be Such a Messy Problem

Each year in our country, approximately 200,000 people are diagnosed with melasma. This dermatologic condition causes hyperpigmentation and nothing else. However, the appearance of discolored patches on the nose, cheeks, upper lip, and other areas can be quite distressing. Studies suggest that people (women, especially) with darker skin may be more prone to melasma. This […]

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Poison Ivy: Are you Staying Safe?

Poison ivy, along with its cousin’s poison oak and sumac, is a common plant that most people know they want to avoid. The rash, the blisters, and, oh! That itch! Need we say more? What we will say is that there are interesting details about poison ivy that may come as a surprise. If you’re […]

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New study gives hope to certain psoriasis patients

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory condition that causes thick, red, scaly patches on the skin, and it’s caused by a malfunction of the autoimmune system. In addition to skin lesions, psoriasis can cause itching and even arthritis in about a third of patients. The disease affects about seven and a half million people in the […]

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Don’t pinch yourself

There is probably no bigger temptation in life than squeezing or popping a bump on our skin. It’s practically irresistible, even though everyone from our mom to our dermatologist warns us about the dangers of pinching our zits – they can become infected, they can spread, they can scar. But nowhere is the “don’t squeeze” […]

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Reasons and Treatment for Hives

If you’ve ever broken out in a case of hives, you know how irritating, itchy and painful they can be. Hives can be caused by stress, allergies, or an overload on certain vitamins. Along with red, itchy bumps, hives can be accompanied by swelling under the skin. Symptoms can be worse in some people than […]

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