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Why You Might Want to Try PRP Hair Restoration

We tend to associate our hair with personality and youthfulness without ever giving it a real thought. For some, thoughts about hair and how it affects appearance don’t occur until they notice changes they don’t really like. A bad haircut is something we can overcome naturally. Hair loss, however, is another story altogether. In our […]

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Does Your Hair Need Help? Let’s Talk PRP!

Over the course of a lifetime, many men and probably more women than one would imagine encountering the issue of hair loss. Because male pattern baldness is such a common condition, many perceive it as relatively benign. Losing one’s hair or experiencing significant thinning is just a matter of age, right? Maybe. But there is […]

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Hair Restoration

Hair loss and (post pregnancy) women

You might think that the majority of my hair loss patients are men, and it’s true that many men suffer from hair loss and come to me for treatments. But women are not exempt from this stressful problem, especially as it relates to changes in hormone levels. Female hair loss A large percentage of the […]

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