Why You Might Want to Try PRP Hair Restoration

We tend to associate our hair with personality and youthfulness without ever giving it a real thought. For some, thoughts about hair and how it affects appearance don’t occur until they notice changes they don’t really like. A bad haircut is something we can overcome naturally. Hair loss, however, is another story altogether. In our San Antonio offices, we perform PRP hair restoration for men and women who want to stimulate their body to work as it used to. Here, we discuss some of the reasons this approach is so popular. 

How PRP Hair Restoration Works

PRP is the abbreviated term used to describe platelet-rich plasma. This substance is derived from the blood. To get it, we begin treatment by drawing blood from the arm. This is just like one would have done at their primary doctor’s office during a routine physical. However, we then take the vial or vials of blood and process them in a centrifuge. This is a piece of equipment that spins at high velocity to separate platelets and plasma from red blood cells and other fluid. Once PRP is ready, the provider uses an automated microneedling applicator to comfortably create tiny punctures in the scalp. We know, it sounds painful. It’s not. Applying the PRP to the scalp then helps the substance absorb through the microchannels. Beneath the skin, platelet-rich plasma releases and stimulates growth factors. These growth factors increase the width and activity within hair follicles, resulting in increased hair growth and thickness. 

Why Get PRP Hair Restoration

There are several reasons to consider getting PRP hair restoration. The primary reason is that this protocol has demonstrated high rates of safety and efficacy in clinical trials and through years of practical application. Additional reasons to get treatment include:

  1. PRP hair restoration is minimally invasive. This is not a surgical procedure. A treatment session is done in less than an hour and does not require much downtime. 
  2. Results look natural. Because PRP increases hair growth over time, patients don’t experience a dramatic swing from one extreme to another. Few will know that treatment has occurred, only that one’s hair looks better. 
  3. Platelets correct the root problem of hair loss. Hair loss happens because follicles are not properly stimulated for one reason or another. The growth factors in PRP provide the regenerative power that is needed to restore the hair growth cycle. 
  4. Convenient treatments are customizable. Hair loss is not cut-and-dry. It may be influenced by several factors. PRP is an organic substance that the body knows how to use. When introduced into the scalp, platelet-rich plasma restores proper function. Each patient responds uniquely to their program, which allows us to customize as we go.

PRP hair restoration is available in both of our San Antonio offices. Contact our La Casita or Sonterra location to schedule your consultation.

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