A Big Fat Toad Won’t Give You A Big Fat Wart

warts san antonio | wart removal boerneIf you live in a climate such as San Antonio where you can find lots of toads, you’ve heard the wives’ tale. Pick up a toad, get a wart. Truth is, you can pick up a toad a day and never get a wart. Or you can get them anywhere on your body, but they are most common among children and young adults. Most warts usually go away on their own within months or years, but in some cases, you’ll want the team at Bucay to get rid of them.

What causes a wart to form?

Warts are skin growths that are caused by a virus, the human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus usually infects a person through an area of broken skin. You may have heard about HPV and its relationship with cervical cancer, but there are many different viruses under the HPV umbrella. This particular one causes the top layer of the skin to grow rapidly; this is what forms warts.

Different types of warts

  • Common warts — Often seen on the hands and arms, common warts are dome-shaped, rough, and grayish-brown in color.
  • Plantar warts — These grow on the soles of the feet. They are thick, hard patches of skin that cause pain when walking, similar to stepping on a pebble.
  • Flat warts — These are small warts with flat tops that are candy pink, brown, or yellowish in color. They grow on the face, arms, and legs.
  • Filliform warts — These skin-colored warts appear to have threadlike growths sticking out of them. They grow around the mouth, nose, or in a beard.
  • Periungular warts — These warts are uneven and look like rough bumps. They grow under the toenails and fingernails and affect nail growth.

How do warts spread?

Warts can spread from one person to another quite easily. Simply touching another person’s wart can spread the HPV. Also, sharing towels or razors and such can spread them. After infection, warts can take months to actually development. Picking up a toad, however, is not a wart starter. The bumps on toads are not warts.

Getting rid of warts

Most warts don’t require any treatment, as the virus simply runs it course eventually. But if they cause pain, are spreading to other parts of the body, or bother the person, they can be removed. Home treatments use salicylic acid, but have mixed success because the concentration isn’t usually strong enough. At Bucay Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics, we have a variety of treatments: an injection to kill the virus, cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen freezing), electrosurgery, curettage (scalpel excision), and laser surgery. If the virus isn’t addressed, however, the warts can come back.

Schedule a consultation

Do you have a wart or warts that are bothering you? Let us get rid of them at Bucay. Call either our La Casita or Sonterra locations for an appointment, but don’t bring a toad with you.

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