Lift your skin without going under the knife

Ultherapy™ San Antonio | non surgical treatment txThere’s nothing more rewarding than meeting with a patient who is concerned about the appearance of her skin and being able to provide a solution. In many cases, the procedures we recommend can offer results that we’re traditionally only available through plastic surgery. Not surprisingly, many people simply aren’t ready or willing to have surgery to achieve cosmetic changes. And that’s okay because often, surgery isn’t the only answer anymore.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures just keep getting better – like Ultherapy

Smoother texture, more even color and firmness can all be achieved with the many products and services we can provide. Some treatments in particular can provide surgical-like results, which is definitely the case with Ultherapy.

Ultherapy lifts your skin from the inside

This non-surgical, non-invasive procedure is designed to firm and tighten the skin. The treatment employs ultrasound technology to target the same face and upper neck muscles as a surgical face or brow lift. But Ultherapy™ works without incisions, anesthesia, scaring or downtime.

The technology treats a wide variety of issues

Patients who choose Ultherapy are looking for many different improvements, from firmer skin on the cheeks, under the chin and on the neck to a more defined jaw line and reduced skin sagging around the eyes.

Ultherapy is effective and safe

The treatment happens in two stages, first deep under the skin to firm and tighten, and then at a more shallow level to help stimulate your natural production of collagen. This is the substance that can help reduce the appearance or wrinkles.

One hour could be all you need

Treatment sessions can last between thirty minutes and one hour, and many patients only need one session to achieve such improvements as:

  • Firmer skin on the face, including eyelids, under eyes and cheeks
  • Firmer skin on the neck
  • Firmer skin under the chin
  • Firmer skin on the jawline

And immediately after your treatment, you can return to your regular activities.

Ultherapy can be your alternative to surgery

To learn more about the procedure and what it can do for your, make a consultation appointment today. Call: (210) 692-3000 or (210) 370-9995. Dr. Vivian Bucay serves La Casita, Sonterra, San Antonio TX and surrounding areas.

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