There’s a lot being said about fat reduction, and I’m happy to weigh in

fat reduction san antonio tx |Cool Sculpting Texas | Dr. Vivian BucaySeems like every day more and more methods for non-surgically destroying fat cells are entering the market and making headlines. And I recently offered my views for publication on the technology that I prefer to use for my patients, and why. In case you missed it, here’s some of what I had to say in the recent publication:

The options I recommend

I offer my patients multiple fat-reduction options in order to customize a plan for you — rather than using a “one-and-only tool” on every patient and every trouble spot. I use:

  • CoolSculpting
  • Vanquish
  • UltraShape

Each offers a distinct advantage depending on your needs and medical history.

It’s important to work with a medical doctor for these procedures

In the article I emphasized that a doctor would know, for example, that people who have pacemakers can’t have radiofrequency treatments, so Vanquish wouldn’t be an option; those with abdominal hernias can’t have CoolSculpting due to the use of vacuum suction.

What’ s the right procedure for you?

If you want to avoid bruising, I will recommend Vanquish or UltraShape over CoolSculpting. And I often use two devices within the same procedure, hitting larger areas with Vanquish first, and then fine-tuning with CoolSculpting. I believe that the more options, the better the results.

Vanquish your fat

This device hovers above the body, emitting multipolar radiofrequency energy to heat and destroy fat in the abdomen, flanks, upper back and thighs. It also has a special “flex applicator” for treating inner and outer thighs. I find that most patients need a series of four to six sessions, every 10 to 14 days. The only side effect is mild pinkness.

UltraShape is a milder alternative

It uses pulsed ultrasound to painlessly kill fat using far less heat. Quick bursts of ultrasound waves mechanically stress the fat cells by causing them to move rapidly against each other, inducing damage and destroying them. A series of three treatments, spaced two weeks apart, can give you a two-inch reduction in the abdomen, with no bruising or tenderness.

Let me answer your questions about non-surgical fat removal in person. Call for a consultation appointment today: (210) 692-3000 or (210) 370-9995.



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