Study confirms: aesthetic treatments play a bigger role

Cosmetic ProceduresOne of the largest research projects ever undertaken in medical aesthetics provided a lot of interesting insights into why women seek out appearance-enhancing procedures, like Botox. For example, women who haven’t had aesthetic enhancements, such as injectable fillers, but are open to the idea of having procedures in the future, would do so not only to boost their appearance, but more importantly, their self-confidence.

Treating the outside, enhancing the inside

Here are more insights provided by the 8,000 women in 16 countries who participated in this research study. See if you agree with four key findings:

  • Women who undergo aesthetic treatments do so to improve self-confidence as well as sagging skin.
  • Nearly 75% of women say they make an effort to look good for themselves; a much lower number of women said for their partners or for friends.
  • In the U.S., women sighted looking good in general as a bigger motivator for seeking beauty treatments than treating signs of aging.
  • Some 65% of women in the survey agreed that the use of facial fillers is more socially acceptable now than five years ago.

Results show a real change in women’s attitudes

Today’s women seem to agree that how they feel about themselves is what matters most. They may be having treatments for aesthetic reasons, but their real goal is to feel better about themselves in general.

Fillers to smooth wrinkles and plump up confidence

Turns out, typical traditional beauty treatments, such as professional haircuts and coloring, can only provide a short-lived kick of happiness. In order to truly improve our sense of emotional well being, we need to feel self-assured overall. And this effect can’t be achieved from a single aspect of our appearance, such as a wrinkle-free facial appearance.

Aesthetic treatments contribute to overall sense of happiness

Naturally attractive people (and those who use more tools and treatments to improve their appearance) aren’t automatically happier. But small changes can contribute.

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