Cellulite is Stubborn, but We Have a Solution!

Cellfina San Antonio, TX When you look at celebrities’ bodies, you may conclude that they have no cellulite. This isn’t true. Lovely ladies like Jessica Alba and even Kim K. have admitted that they, too, struggle with the same dimpling that many other women do. This may help us feel slightly better. However, nothing feels as good as eliminating those cottage cheese thighs. Until recently, we weren’t sure how to do that. Perhaps it was the widespread theory that cellulite was related to fat that held us back. Whatever the reason, we’re excited to now have solutions that women want.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the condition of rippling that affects the skin. The actual cause of rippling is the protrusion of superficial fatty deposits through a matrix of connective tissue. The pattern of this connective tissue matrix is looser in women than in men, which is why we don’t often see men with the telltale honeycomb imprinted on their skin. So, yes, there is fat involved in cellulite, but we all have fat – we need subcutaneous fat. The other reason that cellulite occurs is that that weave of connective tissue becomes weak, allowing fat to bulge through.

Let’s Just Get to the Point

There are a lot of people out there who want to say that cellulite can be reduced if we just eat our lean meat and veggies and get our three, 40-minute workouts in every week. Oh, and we also need to lay off the alcohol and drink more water. It’s not that these aren’t good habits for longevity and wellness; it’s that these habits are not a guarantee that you won’t get cellulite. Even Jillian Michaels has it!

Here’s What We Can Do

Dr. Bucay understands that patients need reliable solutions to their cosmetic concerns. Cellulite is one of the biggest. Her commitment to our patients has led her to integrate new and proven treatments into our San Antonio offices. For the correction of cellulite, we perform Cellfina. This minimally-invasive procedure does not require general anesthesia or downtime. It works by releasing the bands that tether the skin against superficial tissue, thus smoothing the surface.

Dr. Bucay was one of the first physicians in the country to perform Cellfina and continues to turn to this method to optimal results. Learn more by calling our La Casita at 210-692-3000 or Sonterra office at 210-370-9995 today!

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