Tis’ the Season for Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal San Antonio TX
As we move past the holiday season, we have a moment to breathe. The cosmetic concerns that were so pressing before festive, photo-filled gathering have most likely been attended to weeks ago. As we move toward the new year, we may start thinking more about how we want our body to look. Some will focus on implementing a good diet and exercise routine, while others may consider surgical or non-surgical body contouring. Remember, though, that the skin is a vital aspect of beauty. Where there is unwanted hair, there is a hassle. To eliminate that hassle, we suggest that our patients come in to see us about laser hair removal.

The Early Bird Gets Great Skin

Laser hair removal, like body contouring treatments, is something that usually becomes appealing as summer approaches. Of course, this makes sense, because we don’t think nearly as much about body treatments during the time of year when our body is covered up more often than not. For the best possible treatment process, though, laser hair removal is best performed during the off-season.

To permanently reduce hair on any part of the body takes time; an investment well worth it. Most patients require about 8 treatment sessions to achieve the lasting results they desire. Skin is smoother after treatment number-one, as hair within the follicles is evaporated by laser energy. It isn’t necessarily the length of time it takes to complete treatment that makes laser hair removal a great Wintertime treatment, although that is one aspect. Additional reasons to consider starting your hair removal now include:

  • If you have lighter skin and darker hair, you will get maximum results. Skin is often darker during the summer months simply due to the effects of sun exposure, even if you don’t want purposefully tan.
  • Your should avoid sunless tanning products throughout the laser hair removal process, as well. Unless you have a tropical vacation scheduled during the winter months, you may find it much easier to avoid the spray tan for a bit.
  • Laser hair removal does cause temporary photosensitivity. This means that the skin may burn more easily or become irritated when exposed to UV light. Covering up is the best way to manage this, but who wants to cover up when the sun is bright and warm? Even in our neck of the woods, it is relatively convenient to wear pants or long sleeves during Winter.

 Laser Hair Removal San Antonio

Have you heard? Shaving and tweezing are out! Learn more about laser hair removal in our San Antonio offices and relieve worry about unwanted hair for good. Contact our La Casita office at (210) 692-3000.

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