Three Ways to a Better Chin

Ultherapy San Antonio TX There are several unique concerns that arise as we age. We hear a lot about under eye puffiness and dark circles, about frown lines and even jowls. We can correct these common problems, as well as much more, more easily than we have been for previous generations. The double chin, though, now that is a problem that has been notoriously challenging for adults of all ages.

We refer to A double chin as submental fullness in the medical community. It is a type of fat accumulation that is incredibly resistant, even more so than fat on the hips, thighs, and abdomen. It seems like there is no amount of diet and exercise that can fully resolve the double chin issue, and this is problematic. The bottom line on submental fullness is that the only way to get rid of it is to remove unwanted fat cells.

Here’s how we can do that . . .

Through extensive clinical practice and research, three fat-removal methods are optimal for submental fullness. These include:

  • Typically, we think of liposuction as a body-contouring procedure. Skilled plastic surgeons also can perform this surgical fat-reduction treatment on smaller areas, including the chin.

The problem with liposuction is that its surgery and a large percentage of patients are apprehensive about this process and its recovery. Patients of our San Antonio cosmetic and medical dermatology practice may prefer a non-surgical double chin treatment such as:

  • This injectable treatment is relatively new in the States, approved just a couple of years ago. That being said, thousands of treatments have been conducted since Kybella hit the market, and patients report outstanding results. The active ingredient in Kybella causes a targeted destruction of fat cells over a period of a few months. Most patients require two to three treatments for the most desirable outcome.
  • Ultherapy is an ultrasound-based treatment intended for skin-tightening effects. In cases where submental fullness is due to laxity, Ultherapy may be an excellent solution.

Some patients combine Kybella with Ultherapy for maximum impact. The protocol in our Sonterra and La Casita offices is to determine which treatment or treatments will achieve the best results for each. Contact us to schedule your consultation. Call our La Casita office at (210) 692-3000

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