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There’s no such thing as safe sunbathing

In between those years when you unwisely lay out in the sun unprotected, and the age where you start wearing SPF 30 under your clothing, you might think you can safely spend the day sunbathing at the beach as long as you apply sunscreen. Not really. “No safe or healthy way to tan.” That’s the […]

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Find out what your itchy skin could mean

For those of us who live where it’s cold and rainy or snowy in the winter, the season can be responsible for attacks of dry, itchy and very uncomfortable skin. But for the 7.5 million Americans who live with psoriasis, itchy winter skin can be a sign of a flare-up of their condition. Could you […]

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Hereditary Dermatological Conditions

There are several dermatological conditions that you may inherit from your parents. Typically, you will be warned about it by your parents or grandparents. Hopefully, they will already have prepared ahead of time with treatments to help you. Your skin can have problems that you didn’t know about. The sun can damage your skin, leading […]

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What Causes Dandruff?

If you don’t experience the drag of an itchy scalp and dandruff flakes irritating your style, you probably know someone who does. It’s not an uncommon condition, and it can be taken care of easily. You know you can take a quick trip to the store and buy some dandruff shampoo. But do you know […]

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