Your Skin Needs Attention; A Lot of It!

We all know that the signs of aging are going to show up on our faces at some point. This drives us to cleanse, moisturize, use sunscreen, and get injectable treatments like Botox now and then. We aren’t saying these are bad choices. However, we do have to say that the skin needs more than a little management to offset the effects of aging. In our San Antonio offices, we help adults of all ages gain a better understanding of their skin and how to age as gracefully as they’d like without having to undergo plastic surgery if that is their preference. Here, we share some of our insider tips with you.

Great Skin Comes From

#1 – Absorption. We have to start here because, regardless of the other steps you take to fight the signs of aging, a lack of product absorption can minimize your results. Products, even expensive ones, cannot penetrate deeply when blocked by a layer of oil, dirt, makeup, skin cells, and bacteria. To remove this layer of debris is easy. We do this with our DermaSweep treatment, chemical peels, microneedling, and laser resurfacing.

#2 – The right products. There are numerous cleansers, moisturizers, and serums available today. Many of the best-known brands are known not for their efficacy but because of their marketing. The products that can be purchased without a professional skin analysis must adhere to strict regulations limiting active ingredients. The limitation of active ingredients is the very problem. If you want results, you need skincare formulated for clinical results, which means using medical-grade products picked out just for you.

#3 – Hydration. If you are getting periodic chemical peels or resurfacing treatments and are using medical-grade products on your skin, we would like to assume you are also promoting dermatologic health by staying hydrated. To be hydrated doesn’t just mean drinking those 8 glasses of water a day. It also means that you’re drinking extra water for every dehydrating beverage you consume, such as wine, coffee, and soda.

#4 – Nutrition. Your skin is not nourished only by the topical ingredients you apply, it also draws on the foods you eat daily. Antioxidants, including vitamin C, fight the free radicals that lead to premature aging. Healthy fats support cellular renewal and tissue regeneration. A diet that is rich in fresh, whole foods is ideal for skin of all ages.

We Can Help You Manage Aging Skin

All skin is aging skin. To get the help you need to support yours, schedule a visit to our La Casita or Sonterra office.

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