Why You Want to See Us for a Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels San Antonio TX Is your skin starting to look dull and splotchy? Does the texture of your skin feel rough? These are just a few of the common problems that occur over time. To notice spots doesn’t mean you’re “old;” it means your skin cells have been damaged by the sun. Men and women of all ages may notice spots and other hyperpigmentation. The skin may also become dull and rough simply because the uppermost layer of tissue is covered by a blanket of dead and damaged cells. Yuck! Chemical peels are a great method of reviving brightness and smooth texture. The question is, do you need to see your doctor for treatment?

Chemicals of all kinds have been used on the skin for ages, so we cannot say that chemical peels were developed for the clinical setting. What we can say, though, is that there are clear benefits to seeing your doctor or esthetician for this kind of treatment. Here, we point out what those are.

The Convenience of Professional Care

A home-peel kit may sound convenient, but really, who wants to have to put on an old t-shirt, pin back her hair, wash and dry her face, mix topical ingredients, apply those ingredient, and then try to watch television or sit in a bath while those ingredients drip down her face? That doesn’t sound very pleasant to us; and, the thing is, it’s not very effective either.

When you come to our La Casita or Sonterra office for a chemical peel, you get to lie down on our comfortable table under a cozy blanket. We cleanse your face and apply the appropriate topical ingredients for you, and then we let you rest in a quiet setting for a few minutes while ingredients soak into your skin. Then, we gently remove the mild solution and apply moisturizer to nourish new cells. Doesn’t that sound much more convenient and relaxing?

A professional chemical peel is also:

  • Formulated just for you. From light to deep peels, the variance of strength and types of chemicals used is wide. This means we can address your particular concerns in the way that best suits your skin type and your preferences for post-treatment care and recovery.
  • Professional chemical peels involve safe, powerful chemical such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid. These ingredients or combination thereof are concentrated for the desired outcome. Some concentrations will achieve dramatic results through more intense peeling. Some maintain the skin without noticeable peeling at all.

Trust a professional for your next chemical peel. Call our La Casita office at (210) 692-3000 or our Sonterra office at (210) 370-9995 to schedule your visit.

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