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Body Contouring San Antonio, TX | UltraShape Summer may be behind us, but we still have a busy holiday season ahead, and that means you want to look and feel great in that little black dress. More men and women are discovering how easy fat reduction can be when they get the help they need from a trusted physician. Dr. Bucay is known for her commitment to innovation. It isn’t that our offices are equipped with every new device and therapy that comes along. When a treatment works, though, like UltraShape, we have to have it. We are pleased to offer this convenient, non-surgical therapy for fat destruction.

Why Fat is so Stubborn

There are several studies that suggest the prominence of unwanted fat is problematic for men and women of all ages. More than half of individuals polled in various research projects state that there is at least one area of the body where fat just seems to stick around. Often, the most troublesome area is the midsection. The thing with fat is that there are two common types: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. When we eat well and exercise regularly, we can reduce or prevent visceral fat from accumulating deep beneath the skin (around our organs, yikes!). Subcutaneous fat is not as easily affected by what we eat and how much we work out. Thus, we are left working hard and feeling dissatisfied – unless we act outside the box.

Tackling Fat without Surgery

Historically, we have had to turn to surgery like liposuction or abdominoplasty to whittle the middle section of the body. There are, in fact, situations in which surgical fat reduction and tightening may be most appropriate. More people have come to realize the inconsistency that may occur with liposuction. Because of this, the interest in non-surgical options for fat reduction has increased. UltraShape is one of the innovative methods that is achieving notable results.

UltraShape is an ultrasound energy platform that emits controlled energy through a handpiece that is moved across the surface of the skin. The energy that passes through superficial tissues hits targeted fat cells with heat. This has a destructive effect on the cell walls. Without the tough outer shell to protect fat, lipids are released into the body for easier metabolism, and circumference is noticeably reduced.

When you’ve been working hard to reduce unwanted fat, it is difficult to wait any longer than necessary. UltraShape, by melting the walls of fat cells, shortens this wait time by several weeks. Learn more about this and other body-shaping treatments when you visit one of our San Antonio offices.

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