Not into the Injectable Trend? You can Still Anti-Age!

chemical peels | Bucay Center for Dermatology and AesthethicsAging is a topic that may trigger a lot of feeling in a lot of people. Both men and women may struggle with the process, and with how to handle the aspects of facial aging that concern them. If you are in that struggle, you’re not alone. You’re also not without a leg to stand on. There are ways that you can continue to promote glowing, healthy skin while you journey through an age in your way.

Injectables and lasers and surgery are not for everyone. Good skin care, however, may be. San Antonio dermatologist Dr. Vivian Bucay understands the value of choice. The choice that you have in our Sonterra and La Casita offices is to manage your skin with SkinMedica products.

SkinMedica Professional Skin Care

The products that are used to cleanse and hydrate and support the skin matter. The older we get, the more we realize that skin care needs change. Dead and damaged cells build up on the surface, making it difficult for any product you use to permeate tissue efficiently. These same cells also diminish the healthy glow your skin should have. One of the best ways to restore resilience is to begin a professional grade skin care regimen with a SkinMedica chemical peel.

Chemical peels, as well as micro-needling, gently remove the uppermost layer of cells from the surface of your skin. The mild ablation of this starting point maximizes future use of SkinMedica products by removing roadblocks.  When the appropriate products are used, they will now be able to make the biggest difference in the texture, tightness, and radiance of the skin.

The SkinMedica line has been carefully developed with active ingredients that fight the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. Each ingredient in each formulation has been selected for its ability to increase collagen proliferation, support the skin’s elasticity, or combat toxins that threaten appearance. Sensitive skin? Prone to redness? Not to worry. This line of skin care products includes some formulations to address specific concerns. Furthermore, the personal attention that you receive from experienced skin care specialists enables you to find products suited to your skin.

Take the guesswork out of skin care while taking the pressure off of yourself to hop on anti-aging trends. Contact us for skin-boosting treatments that get results.


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