Don’t Let Stretch Marks Steal your Thunder

Laser Stretch Mark Removal San Antonio TX You’ve worked hard to get the body that you do, and you feel good about it – except those stretch marks. This common concern is one that we hear from both women and men. We often believe that stretch marks as evidence of motherhood, but that is only one of several causes of these silvery lines on the skin.

Anything that stretches the dermis farther than it can naturally go can lead to stretch marks. This could be the simple act of growing, which we often see in men who experienced a rapid growth spurt in their youth. Stretch marks could occur from breast development, from weight lifting, and can even boil down to nothing more than genetics. Whatever the cause, the real issue at hand is how to get rid of them when they stand between you and your confidence.

In our La Casita and Sonterra offices, patients may obtain stretch mark treatment with laser therapy. This process has been used by cosmetic surgeons to maximize the results of surgical stretch mark removal for years. In many cases, we see significant improvement using laser therapy alone, bypassing the need for surgery.

How Laser Stretch Mark Removal Works

Laser treatments work by disrupting the molecular bonds of skin cells, rather than by cutting or burning stretched-out skin. Ablative laser dismantles the uppermost layer of tissue, where collagen fibers have frayed and are showing through the thin epidermis. Treatment is powerful yet gentle, promoting regeneration of tissue through a short recovery period of a week or two.

Patients who undergo laser stretch mark removal may feel tender for a few days after treatment, and the skin may be slightly red due to the ablation of the uppermost layer of cells. In rare occasions, small blisters may form, but this does not indicate extensive damage to the skin. As healing continues over about a two-week period, the appearance of stretch marks is substantially less than before treatment.

Treatment for Old Stretch Marks

One of the questions we are frequently asked about stretch marks is whether laser treatment would work. The longer these marks have been present, the harder they can be to treat. However, what this means is that we may need to perform several laser treatments over the course of a few months to gradually rebuild weakened dermal tissue to decrease the appearance of stretch marks. Full removal may not be possible with laser alone.

The best way to know if you can bid farewell to stretch marks is to schedule a consultation with your experienced dermatologist. We’re happy to arrange a visit for you.


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