Don’t You Just Love When This Happens?

Ultherapy San Antonio TXMost of us have a knack for noticing just how gorgeous celebrities are. It doesn’t matter that 20 or more years have gone by since a celebrity first became famous; many of them simply don’t seem to age. This leads many of us to wonder what on earth these people are doing to maintain their youthfulness. It can’t be that those who grace the covers of magazines are all simply in the same “good genes” pool, can it? No! More and more, we hear celebrities admit to a little help here and there. Even more important, we are hearing what they are doing to look so darn good.

A Supermodel’s Confession

Christie Brinkley is almost as famous for disobeying the natural rules of aging as she is for her decades-long modeling career. Now we know that a healthy lifestyle is only one aspect of how the model has stayed so fresh and young: she has had some help. Ms. Brinkley’s confession reassures us that, one, we all age, and, two, that we can manage. One way that this management has helped the 63-year-old maintain youthful beauty is by supporting firm, tight skin. The method: Ultherapy.

Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment that is available in our San Antonio offices, and we are pleased to see this modality get the attention it deserves. The power lies in the efficiency of ultrasound energy to affect collagen strands within the connective tissue beneath the epidermis. When ultrasound transfers through this tissue, it heats up. When collagen is appropriately heated, it constricts, which is exactly what we want if the skin has become lax and loose. In addition to encouraging the remodeling of existing collagen strands, ultrasound also heats the fibroblast cells that produce healthy, new collagen. This increase continues for several months, which is why it is said that results from the Ultherapy peak about 8 months after treatment.

An entire face and neck treatment are capable of lifting the brows, tightening the eyelids (both upper and lower), refining the jawline, and reducing the crepey appearance of skin on the chin and neck. About 90-minutes, once a year, for sustained skin tightness? Yes, please!

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