While the Experts Investigate the Safety of the Brazilian Butt Lift, We’re Over Here Enjoying Better Booties. Here’s How!

EMSCULPT San Antonio, TXAt Bucay Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics, we can’t help but appreciate innovation. As much as Dr. Bucay herself has said “no more devices,” we find ourselves yet again at the forefront of aesthetic medicine in San Antonio.

You don’t have to follow news intently to know that the Brazilian Butt Lift has recently come under an extraordinary amount of scrutiny. Rightfully so, this cosmetic procedure involves the risky process of injecting fat into the buttocks. While fat injections into the face and even the breasts are common, those into the buttocks are deemed much more complex. The vascular system in the buttocks is intense, with thin veins situated not far from the Vena Cava. In short, more than a dozen deaths among BBL patients have been reported in recent history, all related to a small glob of fat entering the bloodstream.

While experts continue to investigate the Brazilian Butt Lift, patients desiring to get in on the “butt is the new boobs” trend need not be left out in the cold. This brings us back to our latest foray into advanced cosmetic treatments. We are pleased to be one of the first practices in San Antonio to offer EMSCULPT, the body contouring treatment utilizing an entirely new energy source.

EMSCULPT is a non-invasive treatment powered by High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy. During an average 30-minute treatment session, what this energy does is provoke approximately 20,000 muscular contractions; not just any muscle contractions, but the same that would occur during a workout session performed entirely at maximum output. EMSCULPT is designed specifically for the backside, where energy penetrates superficial layers of tissue to cause supramaximal muscle contractions that burn fat and build muscle.

According to clinical studies, 95% of patients who underwent EMSCILPT treatment reported 85% improvement in the shape and muscle tone of the buttocks. According to RealSelf, 100% of the patients who underwent this treatment achieved results they love.

Body contouring using EMSCULPT, the latest device by BTL, is not painful. Each session is said to feel like an intense workout. Even patients who don’t consider themselves athletically-inclined, like Dr. Bucay, are able to tolerate the controlled muscle contractions without discomfort. Results appear gradually over a series of about four treatment sessions scheduled a few weeks apart.

It’s Not Just for the Buttocks

EMSCULPT is an excellent solution for those who desire a non-surgical butt lift, as well as for men and women who are ready to stop killing themselves with crunches.

Learn more about EMSCULPT for buttocks and abdominal tightening. Contact our La Casita office at 210-692-3000 or our Sonterra office at 210-370-9995 for your consultation.

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