Understanding the Causes of Rosacea

Rosacea treatmentRosacea is a common condition that affects more than three million Americans every year. Rosacea causes redness, flushing, visible blood vessels, and sometimes pimples. Rosacea treatments are available to help with your skin’s appearance, but you may be curious as to what causes rosacea in the first place. Let’s delve into the primary causes of rosacea and rosacea treatment.

Causes of Rosacea

The exact cause of rosacea is unknown, but its theorized to be hereditary and from an overactive immune system. It is known that rosacea is not from poor hygiene.

Wind or Sun

The wind and the sun can trigger rosacea episodes due to skin irritation. Cold, dry, and heavy winds can aggravate the skin and cause your skin to become flushed. Lots of sunlight, especially if it’s hot outside, can also trigger rosacea to appear.


Exercise is a common trigger for rosacea and can happen during and after a workout. The increased body temperature, sweat, and movement all contribute to rosacea.

Food and Drink

Some foods and drinks can trigger rosacea and cause your face to become flushed. Common ones include spicy food, alcoholic beverages, and hot drinks. These things can naturally make the face more flush and can trigger rosacea.

Emotions or Stress

Just like everyone else, people with rosacea can become red in the face from anger, stress, anxiety, or any high-energy emotion. Unfortunately, this can also trigger rosacea.


Some medications can trigger rosacea to appear. Common medications that can cause rosacea are ones that dilate blood vessels and blood pressure drugs.

Hormonal Shifts

As with lots of things, hormones affect and can trigger rosacea. Some common times this could happen include hormone therapy, menopause, use of birth control, ovulation, and other hormonal shifts.

Getting Your Skin Back

Rosacea can be frustrating because of its unpredictability and how it changes your appearance. The primary source of frustration is redness that blotches on the face. Thankfully, Dr. Vivian Bucay with Bucay Center For Dermatology and Aesthetics provides rosacea treatments to alleviate the appearance of rosacea.

Dr. Bucay has over thirty years of private practice experience and understands that people with rosacea deserve to feel proud of their skin. Contact Dr. Bucay’s office at 210-692-3000 so her team can help you take the first steps towards saying goodbye to skin redness.

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