Stressful Times Call for Relaxation and Gratitude

Life is filled with stressors big and small. It’s fair to say that the events of 2020 have thus far brought us some pretty big stressors. We can’t deny that and tread lightly in mentioning the value of relaxation and gratitude in times like this. Understandably, when in the midst of what may feel chaotic or negative, most of us don’t like being told to “just relax.” Trust us, we won’t go there. What we want to do is discuss the immense value that a little mindfulness and self-care can bring to our lives, especially in times of stress.

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.” ~ Mark Black

How Do You View Relaxation?

Looking at the quote here by Mark Black, the first heart transplant recipient to run a marathon (oh, he ran it with transplanted lungs, as well!), we might notice that he has put the words “productive” and “relax” in the same sentence. The two typically go together something like this “I will relax once I have been productive enough.” Of course, we don’t say these words out loud. We only think them. We live by them. Relaxation is something that most of us have come to view as a luxury. We propose a different idea.

Yes, it is relaxing to visit our San Antonio offices for a pampering beauty treatment. Yes, you may feel good that you’ve earned your right to a little relaxation. There’s much more to what we do than that. The relaxed body is much happier. It allows blood to flow more freely and for cortisol production to slow way down. Relaxation lets the muscles release their constant contraction and gives the nervous system a much-needed break. According to studies, relaxation promotes better decision-making, better mood, and also better immunity. Relaxation is not a luxury to earn, it is a matter of health.

A Look at Gratitude

Like relaxation, studies show that people who have a strong gratitude practice are generally more positive when met with stressors. Gratitude helps us sleep better, feel more vibrant and energetic, and also keeps our immune system strong. Like relaxation, gratitude is a practice we can instill even in times of stress. This can be as simple as stopping to smell the roses, imagining the face of a loved-one, or watching the sunset. The more we feel into gratitude, the more the body benefits.

We’re Here for You

Beauty is something our patients feel grateful for. Time in one of our San Antonio offices for simple, relaxing treatments like dermal fillers, chemical peels, Ultherapy, or other modalities can promote positive feelings that last for months. We’d love to see you. Call an office near you to schedule your visit.

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