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For many years, the primary way one could address the signs of aging in a meaningful way was to undergo plastic surgery. The facelift has improved quite a bit over the years. When conducted by an experienced and conservative surgeon, this procedure can achieve natural-looking results. Still, the vast majority of people we meet aren’t interested in surgery. At this time, there are several reasons why men and women may want to avoid situations that put stress on their bodies. We have an alternative; one that doesn’t involve an operating room, anesthesia, or downtime.

Ultherapy Non-Invasive Tissue Tightening

The skin needs a few key things to sustain itself naturally. One is nutrients from food. Another is chemicals that perform specific tasks. Collagen is a protein that the body makes when we get a scrape or cut. It is also the chemical involved in keeping the skin firm. Elastin is another chemical that the skin relies on heavily. This chemical helps the skin retract when it’s stretched, like elastic. Finally, the skin needs hyaluronic acid, a sugar chemical that provides moistness that keeps the skin plump and resilient. As you may have guessed, the body’s stores of these chemicals decline with age. The reason this happens is that the cells that make these chemicals go dormant during our twenties. So, from that point on, the body pulls from its reserves. By age 40, most people start to see obvious signs of this decline.

Ultherapy is a nonsurgical tissue-tightening procedure that works by stimulating the production of the vital chemicals we’ve mentioned here. The FDA-cleared device does this utilizing ultrasound energy in two ways. The first way is to observe the different layers of tissue beneath the skin. Diagnostic ultrasound has been used for many years in hospitals. The purpose of its use in Ultherapy treatment is to find the precise layers of tissue to then deliver ultrasound waves to stimulate contraction. Ultherapy treats three different layers of tissue, including the muscle that gives the face its structure. This is the layer that surgeons reposition during facelift procedures.

After an Ultherapy session, which lasts approximately 90 minutes, patients notice that their skin looks smoother and firmer. This is because ultrasound has caused muscles and overlying tissue to contract, or tighten. Over time, new collagen and elastin flood the treated area, promoting natural tissue regeneration for long-term results. Only one session is needed to achieve notable improvement. This can be repeated every year or every several years as needed to continue promoting new chemical production in the skin.

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