Sculptra – Best Solution for Facial Fat Loss

sculptra san antonio tx | Facial fat loss texas | Dr. Vivian BucayFacial fat loss is a natural consequence of the aging process. As we age, we start losing the fat underneath the skin of our cheeks, making them look hollow and sunken. Losing weight too quickly or recovering from a serious illness can also cause facial fat loss.

There are a number of treatment options available for addressing this volume loss, but Sculptra is the best. Sculptra is an injectable filler that can restore the fullness of the cheeks by increasing the thickness of the skin.

Sculptra injections take about half an hour to complete. We inject Sculptra into the skin of the cheeks to return volume that has been lost due to aging. The injections are not painful and patients immediately return to their normal routine. Some slight bruising can occur at the injection sites, but can be covered with makeup.

The full effects from Sculptra take a few days to show themselves. Sculptra is also one of the longer-lasting injectables, with results lasting up to two years.

If you want to regain the fullness of your cheeks then having the Sculptra treatment at our clinic is your best available option.


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