No more chin-y chin-chin

Kybella San AntonioSo you’ve lost the weight, or maybe you never gained any in the first place. Yet, there it is: that unattractive fullness under your chin. It may have always been there, or it might be something you just noticed in a family photo. Either way, once you see it, you can never un-see it, and you’ve joined a fairly large group of women and men who are self-conscious about their chins.

Some blame it all on social media and selfies

Seems like people of all ages are taking – and posting – lots of photos these days, giving us ample opportunity to view our ample chins. That could definitely be a factor in driving more of us to our cosmetic dermatologist to talk about getting rid of our extra chin. The truth is, aging, weight gain and genetics have always contributed to the double chin problem, but now there’s a solution.

Time to discover Kybella

Kybella is an injection recently approved by the FDA that can eliminate double chins. The treatment uses deoxycholic acid, an enzyme produced naturally by our bodies, to break down fat cells. And even if you’ve never had any injectable treatments, such as Botox or fillers, the chance to get rid of your extra chin might be highly motivating.

Four 15-minute treatments (four to six weeks apart) might be all you need

In the clinical trials for Kybella, more than half of the participants saw a dramatically visible change (less chin hanging down!) with four treatments, consisting of an injection of numbing lidocaine under the chin, followed by the Kybella injection.

After, the area is usually slightly swollen and a bit sore for a few days. When the swelling subsides, most patients report seeing a major difference, even after the first injection.

Redefine your jawline

If you’re unhappy with fullness under your chin, you can do something about it. This double chin treatment significantly reduces the fat in that area — permanently. Even if you gain weight in the future, it won’t show up under your chin.

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