How is Your Face Framed?

Kybella San Antonio TX When we consider facial beauty, there is a tendency to look at individual features. How is the nose? Is it harmonizing well with other facial features? Are the eyes looking a little tired lately? Has our skin lost its vibrancy or firmness? With all the signs of aging to consider, it can be easy to overlook the frame of the face. The face’s frame is just as important as any aspect of the face itself. And when we say the frame, we mean the chin and neck. For many people, facial appearance is altered by submental fullness.

Submental What?

Most people know this medical term as the dreaded double-chin. Double-chin fat is difficult because it doesn’t always relate to a person’s overall weight. Submental fullness may develop in early adulthood or it may become a prominent problem as the structure of the skin and connective tissue changes with age. In either situation, fatty tissue under the chin is nearly impossible to disguise. It doesn’t typically respond to diet and exercise, either, making it an incredibly frustrating problem to live with. Good thing we don’t have to accept a double-chin as a permanent part of life.

How We Can Help

The medical and technological advances that have taken place in recent years have made it possible to treat submental fullness and several other problems without having to consider surgery. In our San Antonio offices, patients can choose between two proven double-chin treatments: Kybella and CoolSculpting.


This injectable treatment was developed solely for the elimination of localized submental fullness. The FDA approved Kybella just a few years ago, but deoxycholic acid, the magic ingredient of this product, has a long history of use in other countries. Kybella injections dissolve fat cells by introducing deoxycholic acid into the chin and upper neck area. As the acid gets absorbed, it weakens the cell walls, destroying targeted cells for good. Optimal results may require 3 treatment sessions.


Like other nonsurgical fat-reduction treatments, CoolSculpting prompts the body into a natural response to “damaged” cells. This technique is well-known for slimming the thighs, abdomen, and other areas. As CoolSculpting has advanced with new applicators, it has become possible to eliminate fat under the chin using freezing temperature. Treatment works by cooling fat cells so significantly that crystals form within them. This tricks the body into perceiving the cells as damaged. In response, the body eliminates them. Similar to Kybella, a few CoolSculpting treatments may be needed for the best results.

Reframe your face to look younger, slimmer, and more noticeable for all the right reasons. Call our Sonterra or Las Casita office to schedule your double-chin treatment.

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