Does Mud Actually Help With Skin?

Mud Mask You may have seen it done at high-end spas, touted by celebrities, and seen it being done by your favorite Ogre. But does mud treatment actually help with skin? Can it be introduced into your daily skincare routine? Will it make your skin green? If you’re wondering about the efficacy of mud when it comes to your skin and skincare routine, keep reading!

Short Answer First 

Mud masks and baths can help! There’s a reason cultures all over the world utilize mud treatments. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t the same mud as the one found in your background. It’s a special type of enriched earth matrix filled with nutrients and things your skin will like. But the bottom line is: Mud masks and baths aren’t going to provide significant long-term results. 

What Do Mud Treatments Help With?

Mud treatments are surprisingly held in high esteem for their ability to clean skin. With antimicrobial and exfoliating properties, mud treatments help clean deep within pores, unclogging them and absorbing excess oil.

However, because of how deeply mud treatments can clean, if left on too long or if you have sensitive skin, mud treatments can dry out your skin leaving it more susceptible to receiving damage or causing discomfort. There are typically little to no risks aside from the drying out. However, in some instances, there could be the risk of an allergic reaction, if you’re unsure about your allergies then it may be best to try out a test patch on your skin first and wait to see how you react.

Are There More Long-Lasting Alternatives? 

Yes! Cosmetic dermatology has left mud treatments in the, well, mud. With both surgical and non-invasive procedures, cosmetic dermatology can help you achieve results that look natural and can last a lifetime! If you’re interested in treatments and options you may have, it’s best to book a consultation with a trusted and experienced professional. Luckily, at Bucay Center For Dermatology and Aesthetics, Dr. Bucay and her team are as trusted and experienced as they come. Leave the mud outside where it belongs and give us a call at 210-370-9995!

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