Why So Many People are Scheduling EmSculpt Treatments Now

Body contouring is a challenge for nearly every person who doesn’t work in the fitness industry. Work and family and social interests keep us busy, and that can present issues for any person who wants to build more muscle tone and body contouring. This is how it used to be, anyway. Now, thanks to advances in technology, we have ways to enhance body contours without time in the gym, nor in the operating room. Here, we discuss why so many people are seeing us for EmSculpt.

Is EmSculpt the Same as CoolSculpting?

When people think of nonsurgical body contouring treatments, CoolSculpting may come to mind. This treatment process has a proven track record for successfully reducing fat in a target area. It does so by freezing fat cells and causing irreparable damage to them so the body flushes them away forever. EmSculpt doesn’t freeze a thing. What this treatment does is stimulate deep, involuntary muscle contractions that result in profound cosmetic improvements. 

Benefits of EmSculpt

The EmSculpt device is in a league of its own when it comes to body contouring, and we have been so excited to perform this treatment in our San Antonio offices. Some of the most notable benefits of the EmSculpt process include:

  • Increased fat burning. The high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology known as HIFEM increases tissue temperature to the point of apoptosis, or fat cell death. Clinical studies showed on average a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat after EmSculpt treatments. 
  • Muscle building. Crunches, squats, and other strength-training exercises work through muscle contraction. EmSculpt is no different. In fact, this process is even more powerful. According to studies, one 30-minute EmSculpt session outperforms a whole week of hour-long workouts! If you like the idea of your body doing thousands of repetitions of crunches or squats while you sit back and scroll through social media, EmSculpt may be ideal for you. 
  • Zero downtime. Sure, you might feel sore after an EmSculpt session (your body just did a strenuous workout, after all!), but you won’t be limited in your activity level. 

Body contouring seems to just keep getting easier. Newer EmSculpt technology has already been developed to increase the speed at which results can be noticed. After the very first session, improved body contours may become apparent in as little as two weeks. 

Learn more about your body contouring options. Contact one of our San Antonio offices today to schedule an EmSculpt consultation.

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