There’s something you need to check out, besides your wrinkles

laser skin treatment san antonio tx | Dr. Vivian BucayAdmit it. Most of us notice a tiny new wrinkle or expression line about as soon as it first appears. We check it out in various mirrors and other reflective services, and then start looking for ways to do something about it! And today, we have a lot of amazing options for minimizing, even eliminating, some of the most annoying signs of aging. We’re on top of it!

There’s something else you need to be checking for, as you check yourself out: moles.

Many of our skin’s dark spot and irregularities can go unnoticed, and most the time they cause us no health issues — but some can develop into cancer. And many of us don’t realize that moles can reside or appear anywhere on our bodies, from the tops of our heads to the bottoms of our feet. That’s why it’s important to do a whole-body check periodically.

If you have developed a new mole or have a family history of melanoma, you should examine yourself every month.

Use a big mirror — a magnifying one for the face, if necessary. Make sure you pay close attention to the areas that get more sun exposure (hands, arms, chest, head). So go ahead, do it right now. Give yourself a do-it-yourself, thorough check. 

Here are important questions to ask when you assess your moles:

  1. Does it look different from your other moles?
  2. Has it changed in size, shape or color since you first noticed it?
  3. Is it a new mole, one that you don’t think you’ve had most your life?
  4. Is the diameter of the mole larger than a pencil easer?
  5. Does one half of the mole not match the other half?
  6. Is the border or edges irregular, appearing ragged or blurred?
  7. Do you see different colors or shades of color?
  8. Does it bleed, ooze, itch, appear scaly or feel tender or painful?

If you have a mole that shows any of the above signs, get a professional mole check from Dr. Bucay by calling (210) 692-3000 or (210) 370-9995.

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