There’s a New Tox in Town

Early this year, the FDA gave its seal of approval to yet another injectable product: Jeuveau. In case you’re counting, the emergence of this new wrinkle-reducer (pronounced Jū-vō) brings us up to FOUR Botox-like products. Why do we need another and why would the FDA approve a new neurotoxin when we already have one that seems to work just fine? There are several reasons, it seems. As an advisory board member for Jeuveau, Dr. Bucay traveled to their product summit just last month. Here’s what we know so far.

Jeuveau, as a product name, was inspired by the French word “nouveau,” meaning new. In addition to having a chic moniker, Jeuveau has something else to boast. Manufactured by Evolus, Jeuveau is the only neuromodulator on the market that has been developed solely for cosmetic use. Marketing for Jeuveau already has people smiling; it’s known as the “happy toxin.” Insiders also know it as the NewTox. Name and marketing aside, though, there are details you need to know about this potentially beneficial treatment.

  • In order for a product to obtain FDA approval, it must undergo stringent testing. Evolus was required to perform noninferiority studies on Jeuveau to prove the product could perform at least as well as its competitors, namely Botox. As evidenced by FDA approval, Jeuveau passed this test. In fact, data from the noninferiority study suggests that it may even outperform the OG injectable.
  • Jeuveau has a Korean predecessor, Nabota. The original product outperformed Botox in one head-to-head study. Like Nabota, Jeuveau is made in Korea. It is not, however, the exact same product. Jeuveau is owned by Evolus, which is located in Newport Beach, California. A state-of-the-art manufacturing site has been established by Daewoong Pharmaceutical in South Korea to go along with a unique creation process. Rather than freeze-drying the protein (lyophilization), the makers of Jeuveau have elected to vacuum-dry their product. This process does not cause denaturation that could diminish the active toxin capacity.

New Product, New Options

The emergence of new cosmetic injectables provides new options for patients seeking facial rejuvenation without surgery. We are excited to see how Jeuveau performs over time now that the FDA has given the go-ahead for clinical use.

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