The Truth About Acne

If you grew up being told that your pimples would go away as soon as you got out of your teenaged years, well, it’s a nice idea. It’s just not exactly the truth. What other fibs have you been told about your acne problems? Keep reading and find out.

When your teenaged acne grows up
The awful truth is that acne can occur during your teenage years or your adult years — or both.

Adult acne consists of two types:

  • Persistent – appears in teen years but fails to clear up in adulthood
  • Late-onset – appears after the age of 25

Acne treatment san antonio tx It affects women more than men

Approximately 15-20% of adult women suffer from acne, compared to about three percent of men. Women’s skin is sensitive to hormonal changes, which can cause them to be more susceptible to hormone-caused breakouts.

Genetics play a large part

Studies suggest that certain inherited genes cause some 80% of acne cases.

  • White bread and dairy
    We used to be told that French fries, potato chips and chocolate caused our zits. Certainly a healthy diet is better for our skin, but there’s no proof that greasy foods makes your skin greasy and broken out. However, some studies have shown that dairy products and foods with a high GI-index, such as white bread, can aggravate acne.
  • Stress can cause flare-ups
    In fact, stress is credited with aggravating many skin diseases, including acne. Fight stress with nutritious eating, exercise, mediation and/or yoga.
  • Moisturize, don’t dry
    Even oily skin needs to be moisturized. That’s because excess oil doesn’t mean your skin is effectively hydrated. Moisturizing your skin helps maintain its natural barrier system and acne doesn’t get better by being dried out.
  • Take care
    Good skincare for fighting acne includes washing twice a day with cleanser containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide and using a light moisturizer that’s non-comedogenic. We usually also recommend you use a prescription-strength retinoid product every night to help unclog your pores and reduce blackhead and whitehead formation.

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