Easy Ways to Get and Keep Your Best Skin

woman is swinging on a swing in summer pine forest. As we prepare for a change in seasons, it’s a great time to reflect on goals we may have for the coming months. With warmer weather coming our way, many people are thinking about getting outside and enjoying the sunshine. When we do that, we must also know that our skin will be exposed to some harmful rays. We might then think about the ways in which our skin may age and how we can keep it as healthy and supple as possible. Here, we discuss a few easy ways to get and keep your best skin.

Stay On Top of Skin Conditions

As frustrating as chronic skin conditions can be, many people get complacent in doing the daily tasks that can prevent flare-ups. It may take an investment of time to care for a chronic skin condition like acne, eczema, or psoriasis, but regular care at home can make a big difference in the overall condition of the skin. If you have a skin condition like those we’ve mentioned and you’re not sure exactly what you should be doing on a regular basis to keep that condition in check, schedule a consultation with Dr. Bucay in one of our San Antonio offices. Our patients benefit from one-on-one care with an experienced dermatologist who is up to date on proven treatment options and lifestyle remedies for chronic skin conditions.

Create a Daily Skincare Routine

This is so basic and yet, when we talk to people, we realize that few people have developed a skincare routine that they follow daily. We get it. With so many products and hacks out there today, it can feel overwhelming trying to determine the right regimen for your skin. Here’s a suggestion. Keep it simple. A dermatologist can help you understand your skin better so you can choose the right products. However, your basic steps for great skin include washing your face with a gentle cleanser both morning and night (always remove makeup before bed), moisturizing the skin (with SPF in the morning), and applying sunscreen in the morning. With these simple steps, you’re on your way to maintaining great skin.

Take Care of the Whole Body

One of the reasons we age is because the body experiences oxidative stress. This degrades collagen and other vital substances for vibrant health. To promote healthy skin at every age, try to limit the consumption of fast-food, processed foods, and sugar. Instead, eat fresh, whole foods that nourish the body with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Caring for the body also means getting plenty of sleep every night. It is during our sleep cycles that the body engages in tissue repair, so prioritizing sleep isn’t just about staying alert during the day; it’s also about promoting optimal healing and aging.

Consider Cosmetic Treatments

All skin is aging skin. With that in mind, teens and adults of all ages can develop practices to promote optimal skin aging. At some point, it becomes beneficial to seek professional treatments. Your choice in treatment will depend on your concerns and goals. Teens often benefit from light chemical peels that unclog pores and promote healthy cellular turnover. Young adults may schedule peels, microdermabrasion, or injectable treatments to enhance certain facial features. For example, lip enhancement is a very popular treatment for twenty-somethings. Adults showing signs of sun damage or who wish to postpone the onset of photoaging may be interested in IPL fotofacial treatments or various forms of laser skin resurfacing. Tissue laxity, which may start as early as our thirties, can be addressed with collagen-induction therapies like microneedling or with energy-based treatments like Ultherapy.

The ways to care for your skin don’t need to be complicated. We can help you develop a skincare plan that is perfect for your lifestyle and goals. To schedule a visit to our La Casita or Sonterra office in San Antonio, contact us today.

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