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Portrait of young handsome muscular Persian man shirtless and looking macho against view of the city We’ve learned the hard way that body shaping requires more than your average healthy lifestyle. We meet with many people who are tired of the struggle without the reward. Don’t get us wrong, there are numerous benefits that come from eating healthy foods and moving the body every day. Perfect body contours just don’t happen to be one of them. At least not for every person. Lately, patients are increasingly turning toward diverse technologies to address their body-shape concerns. From stubborn fat bulges on the buttocks to the thighs, the abs, or even the double chin, we have body contouring treatments proven to get the job done. 


You may have heard of CoolSculpting and forgotten about its power as a body contouring treatment. This happens when a modality has been around for some time. This FDA-approved device is designed to target subcutaneous fat cells with freezing temperatures. Delivered through specialized cooling applicators, the controlled temperatures cool fat cells to the precise degree at which cryolipolysis can happen. In this state, crystals form inside of the affected fat cells. These crystals destroy the fat cell membrane, and the body’s lymphatic system swoops in to eliminate the nonviable cells. Once gone, they are gone forever. Common CoolSculpting treatment areas include the abdomen, thighs, lower buttocks, flanks, and backs of the arms. 

Cool Mini

Seeing the immense success of the standard specialized CoolSculpting cooling applicators, the makers of this device developed a new applicator, the CoolSculpting Mini. This applicator was made with the double chin in mind, though it may also be used for the backs of the arms or bra rolls. 


Fat reduction treatments are excellent and appropriate for many people. Recently, though, an entirely new type of body contouring device was developed, the EMSculpt device. This FDA-approved platform targets not only fat but muscle. In fact, EMSculpt is a muscle-building device first and foremost. The fat reduction that happens as a result of the high-intensity electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) is simply a beneficial side effect of the involuntary muscle contractions that these energetic pulses stimulate. EMSculpt doesn’t just build muscle mass, it reduces the layer of fat that lies over the muscle, allowing for more profound cosmetic gains. 

EMSculpt Neo

You may be aware that most product manufacturers are constantly seeking to improve upon their inventions. While EMSculpt has only been around for a few years, its developers have already expanded on the powerful platform. EMSculpt Neo treatment includes the same effective HIFEM technology, as well as radiofrequency. According to clinical studies, EMSculpt Neo treatments contract 90% of the targeted muscle, whereas regular exercise contracts only up to 30% of the muscle. This is because the radiofrequency and HIFEM interact synergistically to accelerate and intensify both fat reduction and muscle building. 

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