Silhouette InstaLift in San Antonio, TX

Silhouette InstaLift in San Antonio | Non-Surgical Facelift | Dr. Vivian Bucay

What is a Silhouette InstaLift?

Many of the adults who would like to refresh their appearance are not interested in undergoing surgery to do so. In recent years, several nonsurgical modalities have been created. The Silhouette InstaLift is an example of a conservative lifting procedure that achieves immediate and long-lasting results. This lifting technique is unique in its use of coned filaments rather than threads that are “barbed.” The difference between barbs and cones is that barbs were made by making tiny cuts in filaments used to lift superficial tissue. Cones are an addition to the threads that are inserted, not a manipulation of them.

The Silhouette InstaLift also differs from a surgical facelift in profound ways. Rather than trimming and repositioning subcutaneous tissue using surgical techniques, the doctor that performs an InstaLift repositions tissue utilizing the support of the coned threads that are unique to this treatment. A secondary action of the medical-grade threads is that they stimulate collagen and elastin production that lasts for an extended period, bringing improved integrity to the foundational layers of the skin.

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What are the benefits of Silhouette InstaLift?

Silhouette InstaLift benefits include:

  • Immediately visible results
  • The brief, in-office procedure does not incur downtime for recovery
  • Patients may resume normal activities on the day of their procedure
  • In addition to lifting, the Silhouette InstaLift promotes ongoing tissue remodeling with increased collagen and elastin production

Am I a candidate for Silhouette InstaLift?

Silhouette InstaLift in San Antonio | Non-Surgical Facelift | Dr. Vivian BucayAdults with mild to moderate laxity in facial tissues often achieve excellent results from a Silhouette InstaLift. This treatment may be ideal for the early signs of aging on the lower face, such as jowls and a loss of contouring in the chin, jawline, and cheek areas. For the best placement of InstaLift threads, patients need to have adequate skin thickness.


How is Silhouette InstaLift performed?

The InstaLift procedure is performed in the office in about an hour. Patients receive injections of a local anesthetic before threads are inserted. The area being treated may be marked according to the insertion and exit points that will achieve the desired lift. After superficial tissue is numb, Dr. Bucay makes micro incisions to accommodate the insertion of threads. A small instrument is used to pass the dissolvable sutures under the skin from a point lower on the face to a point higher up. When all threads have been inserted, gentle upward-motion pressure is applied to secure tissue against the cones situated along the length of the filaments.

What is the recovery from Silhouette InstaLift?

There is no need for downtime or time off work to recover from the Silhouette InstaLift procedure. Patients may develop slight bruising and swelling, both of which diminish quickly. Subtle skin irregularities may also occur around insertion points. These self-correct as the skin settles over a few days. To promote optimal healing, patients can:

Silhouette InstaLift in San Antonio | Non-Surgical Facelift | Dr. Vivian Bucay
  • Manage to swell and bruising with cold compresses.
  • Manage comfort with over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen
  • Avoid wearing makeup for 24 hours, if possible.
  • Sleep with the head elevated for a few nights to help reduce swelling.
  • Avoid rubbing the face for 5 days, washing with gentle motions.
  • Minimize facial movements for approximately 2 weeks after treatment.
  • Avoid hot tubs and saunas for a few weeks.
  • Apply sunscreen daily and avoid tanning for a few weeks.

Is Silhouette InstaLift safe?

Silhouette InstaLift threads are made from Polyglycolide/L-lactide (PLGA), a medical-grade absorbable suture material that has been widely used in various areas of medicine for many years. The procedure itself is very conservative, resulting in minimal side effects that typically subside in 24 to 48 hours. Inflammatory side effects may be experienced by patients with an allergy to Polyglycolic acid or Polylactic acid.

Is Silhouette InstaLift Painful?

We prioritize patient comfort when conducting any minimally-invasive treatment. Because the InstaLift involves tiny incisions at insertion and exit points, these areas are pre-treated with an effective local anesthetic. The pre-treatment injections may be felt as tiny pricks in the skin, similar to getting Botox. However, the anesthetic works very quickly to numb superficial tissue. Treatment then feels like a mild pressing or tugging on the skin. Patients who have undergone this procedure describe it as very tolerable.

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It’s possible to get a facelift without surgery using medical-grade threads. Patients in San Antonio can count on Dr. Bucay for optimal outcomes using minimally-invasive rejuvenating techniques. To see what a Silhouette InstaLift can do for you, contact our Sonterra or La Casita office.