Glytone Enerpeel

wrinkle-filler-impressions-300x199When a person first looks at you, their eyes will naturally gravitate towards your eyes or lips. If you are experiencing hyperpigmentation or have fine lines and wrinkles around your lips and eyes, it can make you self-conscious. Luckily, Dr. Vivian and her staff have a solution for you.

Glytone Enerpeel treatments will dramatically reduce visible signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, and even out discoloration caused by hyperpigmentation. After just a few treatments, our patients will notice a considerable difference in the appearance in the area around their lips and eyes.

What are Glytone Enerpeel Treatments?

Glytone Enerpeel treatments are in-office procedures that rely upon facial peels to reduce discoloration and smooth out visible signs of aging. Using a unique acid solution, this facial peel will produce dramatic results without causing discomfort to our patients or damaging the skin’s surface.

What Problems Do Glytone Enerpeel Treatments Help Solve?

Glytone Enerpeel treatments can help problems related to skin discoloration or visible signs of aging that appear around the eyes and lips. Specific problems that can be treated with Glytone Enerpeel include crow’s feet, dark circles, scars, and hyperpigmentation.

Who is a Good Candidate for Glytone Enerpeel Treatments?

Glytone Enerpeel can be administered to anyone who is experiencing hyperpigmentation or showing visible signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. However, some individuals have better results than others with this type of chemical peel.

In particular, people who have skin types that are prone to acne breakouts, mild scarring, age spots, and sun spots often have the best results from this treatment. These individuals often report seeing the biggest difference in their skin texture, color, and tone after a series of treatments.

How Long Does a Glytone Enerpeel Treatment Take?

The Glytone Enerpeel treatment is designed to produce results in approximately 20 minutes. There is no preparation required, which means our clients can generally be in and out of our office within 30 to 45 minutes.

How Many Office Visits are Needed for a Series of Treatments?

The number of office visits you will need to schedule will vary. Some of our patients will only have to go through two or three treatments in a single series, while others will have to undergo five or six treatments.

Dr. Vivian Bucay and her staff can provide you with a better understanding of how many office visits you will need during a consultation for this type of treatment. The average number of office visits needed is typically four, but it can be more or less depending upon your unique needs.