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Most San Antonio residents are good candidates for Ultherapy

The deep layers of your skin include a mesh of interlocked proteins called collagen. This network provides structural support to the visible epidermis. Over time, your body’s production of collagen slows down. By your mid-thirties, your complexion begins to relax, losing its firm, youthful look and feel. This maturing may first appear as a heavy brow line, sagging eyelids or a loss of definition along the jawline.

Historically, a facelift to surgically boost muscles and remove excess skin was considered the only viable option to address skin laxity. Today, an experienced cosmetic dermatologist can offer you a variety of other non-surgical, minimally invasive, or non-invasive treatments to restore firm, younger, natural looking skin. Dr. Vivian Bucay is trained and experienced in these, including one of the newest options – Ultherapy.

Ultherapy combines ultrasound technology with your body’s natural repair processes to tighten lax skin. You may be familiar with laser treatments that penetrate skin from the outside. Ultherapy’s device, which has FDA clearance, works on a different principle. It targets deep skin tissue that makes collagen, without impacting the surface.

The device stimulates ongoing collagen production through the delivery of ultrasound energy at a precise depth – essentially the same layer addressed with facelift surgery. Because there is no anesthetic, cutting, scarring, or downtime, the procedure is safe for most patients.

Ultherapy effectively tackles loose skin at the jaw line, chin, and neck. It provides natural lift on the cheeks, and firms drooping skin around eyes. You may see improvement immediately, and over the course of about two to three months, even nasolabial lines (from the nose to the mouth) and drooping mouth corners will improve from Ultherapy.

Depending on the extent of treatment, expect your Ultherapy procedure to take about an hour in Dr. Bucay’s office. Results last up to a year, but you’ll want to keep your fresh look with periodic re-treatment.

Does the face that looks back at you from the mirror accurately reflect how you feel inside? Or, is it an older, tired, or stern looking version of you? Are you ready for the emotional lift of firmer, renewed skin on your face, neck, and décolletage? Is it time to face the world wide-eyed and cheerful again? Are you in reasonably good health and ready to make an investment in YOU? Then call Dr. Bucay for a consultation – Ultherapy could be the non-surgical solution you’ve been waiting for.

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