San Antonio Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

The beauty of modern science: Radio frequency skin tightening in San Antonio

Aging is a complex problem, requiring a multifaceted solution.

There are many anti-aging solutions available, and each has unique benefits and limitations.

  • A traditional surgical facelift will achieve the most dramatic results, but it involves scarring as well as considerable expense, pain, and downtime.
  • Injectables, such as Botox and dermal fillers address problems in the skin’s structural support by smoothing rigid muscles and restoring lost volume. However, they do not tighten the skin.
  • Biostimulators increase collagen production, but they don’t firm up existing collagen.

Tissue tightening is a crucial part of aesthetic medicine

Before discovering Pellevé, Dr. Bucay had tried many systems, but none of them delivered the gentle, effective, predicable treatment that she strives to provide for her patients. Aggressive laser resurfacing is highly effective, but it involves too much downtime for most patients. Previous types of tissue tightening devices often failed to meet Dr. Bucay’s standards of excellence, due to patient discomfort, safety concerns, excessive downtime, unpredictable results, or some combination thereof.

Pellevé utilizes radio-frequency technology to heat the epidermis and the deep dermal tissues. Although the patient feels nothing more than gentle warming and slight pressure, the process sets in motion a series of physiological reactions, leading to smoother, firmer, more beautiful skin.

  • Existing collagen contracts, providing instant results.
  • The surface of the skin and deeper tissues contract.
  • New collagen formation begins, which continues to improve results over the next three months.
  • Elastin becomes smoother, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

Pellevé delivers beautiful, natural results comfortably, with no downtime

How is Pellevé different from alternative tissue tightening techniques?

  • Soothing, pampering treatment feels like a warm massage
  • No lingering redness, skin peeling or other unattractive aftereffects
  • Have Pellevé today – look great tonight
  • Results keep improving for three months
  • Excellent as a standalone treatment, or an adjunct to other medical or aesthetic procedures
  • Can reduce forehead wrinkling in patients who are not good candidates for Botox
  • Built-in safety features prevent sparking, which is a risk with some systems

Our practice was the first in the San Antonio area to offer Pellevé, and our aesthetician has extensive training and experience performing this procedure. If you are ready to discover the beauty of modern science, call 210-692-3000 and schedule a consultation today.

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